Zuzka Light’s 15-Minute Lower-Body Workout


Want to train your glutes and thighs in minimal time, with minimal equipment, and still get great results? Check out this killer 15-minute workout video from Zuzka Light!

If you want to shape up your glutes and thighs, but you’re short on time and space, this workout is for you. Most of us don’t have all day to train, but this 15-minute session targets those major muscle groups quickly and effectively so you can get your workout out of the way and get back to your busy day!

In this workout, you’ll go through a circuit of five different exercises as many times as you can in 15 minutes. The time cap helps you have an end goal in sight and push hard for the entire duration. These exercises are fun, but they’re not easy. The combos will elevate your heart rate and target the biggest muscles on your body.

If you want to make these 15 minutes count, it’s important to push as hard as you can and do as many rounds as possible. As you get tired, remind yourself that you can handle anything for a mere 15 minutes. The extra effort will pay off, and you’ll love how you feel afterward!

Don’t get scared off by these exercise combinations, either. You can modify these movements as much as you need to, so just do your best to nail each version. The ability to scale this workout and go at your own pace means you have no excuses. Now, let’s get fit!

Exercise 1: Backward Lunge Kick-Up

This first exercise requires a great deal of balance. Not only will you be lunging backward—and making sure your knee doesn’t pass your toe—but you’ll also be kicking up with your back leg as part of every rep.

To stay steady, try and stare at one point directly in front of you. Also, make sure you’re kicking as high as you can. One great way to ensure you’re bringing your leg to maximum height is to keep a hand raised in front of you and aim to kick into your palm on the way up.

Try to keep a strong momentum going for the entire circuit. No lowering your hand, and no cheating!

Exercise 2: Sumo Jump Squat And Leg Lift

With your feet about shoulder-width apart, squat down to start this movement. Then, jump up as high as you can, landing softly on the balls of your feet. Finish with a leg lift, alternating which leg you raise each time.

This exercise primarily works your glutes and thighs, but it also engages your abs. Expect your heart rate to speed up, but avoid the urge to slow down. I want you to push yourself even further than you thought possible.

Exercise 3: Pistol Squat To Deadlift

Next up is the pistol squat to deadlift, of which you’ll complete 10 reps while alternating legs. For the first part of this movement, focus on tensing all of the muscles in your standing leg. If you can’t go all the way down into a pistol, aim to go at least halfway down, but stop at a point where you can still maintain your balance and form.

When you’re doing your single-leg deadlifts, focus on balance. It’s this added stability challenge that really forces you to engage your core muscles. Don’t give up on an exercise just because it’s challenging. Try to push through, and have fun with it. It’s OK to look a little silly!

Exercise 4: Curtsy Lunge to Side Kick

The curtsy lunge to side kick is a lateral movement that’s really going to target your glutes. Remember to step one leg behind the other, bending both knees, then kick to the side with the leg that you just lunged with from behind. When you’re performing this exercise, focus on keeping your glutes under as much tension as you can.

Exercise 5: Squat to Lunge Jump

Your last exercise in the circuit is a squat to lunge jump. These 10 reps will fly by since you’re quickly transitioning between the squat and the lunge. Make sure not to take any breaks between reps.

Ready To Go Again

Once you’ve completed the final exercise combo, you can take a much-deserved breather—but not for too long! Your goal is to complete as many total rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes. Make a game of tracking your progress. Write your score down; next time you come back to this workout, strive to beat your personal best.


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