Why I’ve Given Up Helping People In The Gym


Earlier on I posed a query alone private fb web page;


Has anybody else found out a technique to politely say “stop posting that fucking round back dog taking a dump higher than Afroman deadlift and squat bullshit you have your clients doing in the gym” to PTs on Facebook and the ‘gram?!


I posted it after I noticed ANOTHER private coach put up ANOTHER video of shopper doing one thing I might politely describe as “less than efficient” and extra in truth describe as “a bigger waste of time than tits on a bull”.

I wasn’t actually in search of solutions.

If your deadlifts look like this, we got a problem.

If your deadlifts appear to be this, we obtained an issue (pic credit score: Pol Murray)

(It was extra of an expression of my frustration on the dumb shit I see on FB daily from newly certified private trainers who’ve been let unfastened on the unsuspecting public)

BUT there have been some actually good responses to the Q, considered one of which got here from a fellow coach, Trevor Naughton down in Cork Strength & Performance Gym. He mentioned he makes use of;

Hi bud I do know it’s not my enterprise however I might have appreciated if somebody mentioned the identical to me if one thing was off. The kind for ‘Xs’ deadlift wasn’t the very best, it’s placing her/him in danger and additionally it is reflecting poorly on you as a coach/coach. Just searching for you.”

…however he additionally went on to say; “I wish I didn’t have that right on the top of my head” as a result of clearly, like me, Trev sees technique to a lot of that shit.

Don’t get me incorrect, I’m not simply mindlessly ripping into different trainers right here. I get that we’re all nonetheless studying, and to be fairly frank, there have been episodes in RevFit the place someones tekkers has made me cringe.

Can you say "TIMBERRRR"?

Can you say “TIMBERRRR”?

You know what we did in that scenario?


There’s nothing incorrect with kind breakdown as soon as;

– it’s corrected instantly

– it doesn’t occur each training session and grow to be a behavior

Posting it up suggests to me that the trainers concerned don’t even realise the distinction between good method and harmful method, nor do they actually care about their purchasers long run outcomes as soon as they get a brief time period ego hit. Sad occasions.

So you’re most likely questioning what the purpose of all of that is. Why I’m emailing you moaning about it. And what I’ll hope to attain.

I’ll inform you that in a second. The motive WHY I discover it so irritating is as a result of it units up false expectations for purchasers. Another coach on the put up nailed it when he mentioned;

It’s loopy!! we had purchasers start with us after training in a earlier facility who practically misplaced their lives as a result of we wouldn’t allow them to simply throw something on the bar and elevate. One purchasers phrases have been “certain a lifts a elevate” ‘

A lift's a lift. IT'S ALL YOU BRO... and... 27% me... and 73% the other guy...

A elevate’s a elevate. IT’S ALL YOU BRO… and… 27% me… and 73% the opposite man…

Imagine the dialog that adopted. Trying to discover a good technique to tactfully say “no – your other gym was just full of morons who don’t know what they’re doing”.

Totes awky mo mo.

Anywho, coming again to the purpose of this little rant.

The motive why I’ve given up and don’t say something after I see folks doing one thing incorrect UNLESS THEY’RE PAYING REVFIT CLIENTS is as a result of for essentially the most half, folks simply don’t care, and don’t need my assist.

…or no less than, they don’t realise they need my assist. We don’t have a relationship. I don’t know them. They don’t know me. They don’t get that I’m not just a few random punter who’s learn a weblog put up or two. They don’t get that I, and the group, do that stuff PROFESSIONALLY.

And actually, until they’ve recognised they’ve an issue themselves, they don’t realise what you’re making an attempt to assist them remedy. At finest it would fall on deaf ears. At worst, it’ll spark a confrontation.

(me extra man than you man as a result of me man know the right way to elevate stuff rightly and also you don’t. now me sleep with you spouse and exterminate you genetic line. SUCKER!)

…that sorta factor.

The level of all that is – in the event you don’t recognise that you just’ve obtained an issue, nobody can assist you.

BUT if you recognize one thing’s up and also you need assistance, there are trainers that can go to the tip of the world that will help you out.

In Dublin, that’s us at RevFit. In Cork, there’s guys like Trev in Cork Strength & Performance. All over Ireland there are guys who eat, sleep and breathe it so it’s extremely irritating to see folks nonetheless being duped by half time PTs who’re in good nick cos they take a ship load of medicine and eat nothing however hen and broccoli.


Please ship all hate mail on to “go@fuckyourself.com”.

PS – the rationale why I get so irritated about it’s as a result of the issues we preserve seeing are simply solved. Most simply don’t recognise the issue, or have the instruments to unravel it. Mind bending.

PPS- eh… clearly in the event you need assistance with one thing… even when it’s only a video method evaluate… send it in email and we’ll assist ya out



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