WATCH: The Pushup Workout From Hell


Who would not love a push-up exercise? Well, you won’t after making an attempt this. 

Consisting of only one exercise – the push-up (obvs) – this exercise makes use of various tempos to cumulatively problem the identical muscle teams. To put it bluntly, this exercise is horrible. 

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First, you’ll go as quick as potential, cranking out as many reps as you’ll be able to in a row. This tempo supplies fixed pressure in your pecs, maximising muscle development, he says.

Once you’ll be able to’t carry out one other explosive rep, you’ll instantly carry out an isometric maintain, hovering a number of inches off the ground.

Compartmentalise, and maintain this place for so long as you’ll be able to. You’re constructing strength and stability within the hardest level of the push-up – the underside. 

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Finally, do as many eccentric push-ups as potential. Take 3 seconds to decrease your physique to the ground, after which drop your knees to the ground and shortly cheat your means again as much as the highest of a push-up place. Don’t pause between reps. 

Studies present that slowly decreasing your body weight stimulates development and boosts strength all through your chest.

You’re completed when you’ll be able to’t full 1 extra rep and your pecs really feel as in the event that they’re about to come out of your shirt. 

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