Stupidly Simple Exercise and Diet Plan for 2018


It’s 2018 and the gyms are filled with the “new year, new me!” folks.

Some of you would possibly discover it annoying, however it’s completely comprehensible that you simply’d wish to make some modifications and start engaged on new objectives as the brand new yr rolls round. It’s kind of like a recent sheet of paper to work on and really accomplish one thing.

People have enterprise objectives they’re in search of to succeed in in 2018, relationship objectives, non secular objectives, so on and so forth…

…But the quantity #1. objective most males want to fulfill, is to lose weight, achieve extra muscle, and merely; really feel higher. Since you clicked open this text, I’m guessing this is applicable to you as effectively. If so, nice!

I’m right here to let you know that about ~90% of you with the above objective is not going to attain it inside this yr1, and received’t even handle to succeed in it in 2019… 2026 …2030 and even earlier than 2040.

Why so?

  1. They lack self-discipline
  2.  They overanalyze and set unnaturally excessive objectives and frameworks to observe.
  3. Combination of the above completely and fully destroys their motivation and momentum.

The blatantly apparent repair to the difficulty above is to S-I-M-P-L-I-F-Y every thing. You don’t have to know with 100% accuracy what’s the excellent macronutrient ratio for you. You don’t have to over-analyze the fatty-acid profile of the meals you eat to a gram. You don’t must know whether or not it could be optimum to exercise 6 occasions every week or 3 occasions every week. Supplements? Pretty a lot irrelevant at this level.

Stop wanting for that perfect diet with those perfect macros and the “cleanest foods”. Stop looking for that #1 scientifically confirmed exercise program that’s been proven to hit just the right muscle striatons when measured with EMG-device. Stop obsessing over supplements and in search of for that magic-pill (or mixture of drugs) that may make you achieve muscle, lose fats, and improve testosterone.


  • Pick a resistance training/exercise program and observe it at the very least 6 months with out program hopping AT ALL. Just decide one thing that fits your objective, be it strength, muscular features, athletic efficiency, endurance, and so forth. The web is completely chock-full of those and most of them do work, so long as you observe them. Sure some are higher and some are worse, however 99% of them are higher than sitting in your ass all day over-analyzing them. (I’ll write a pattern one under simply in case).
  • Get a food scale and a caloric consumption monitoring app to your cellphone (I explain this more in detail here). Weigh every thing and jot it right down to the app to see how a lot energy you devour. You don’t have to be 100% correct. Just don’t “forget” so as to add the meals in there, as a result of that’s how folks “magically” find yourself gaining weight on what they assume is a caloric deficit. People are extraordinarily environment friendly in under-estimating the quantity of food they eat2. Don’t be one in all them.
  • Monitor your exercise degree (strolling, each day actions, exercise, and so on). that is to get to understand how a lot energy you really burn every day, so that you received’t have any excuse to over-eat or under-eat whereas mendacity to your self about that “2-hour gym session” which you recall (once more, people are very environment friendly in over-estimating their exercise ranges3). The greatest means to do that can be by at least starting with some sort of wearable activity tracker like FitBit et al. to get a sense of how a lot you really transfer thorough the day.
  • Once you know the way a lot you devour energy and how a lot you burn them, you’ll be able to arrange your calorie and macronutrient targets to fit your objectives, BUT please make it S-I-M-P-L-E. If you wish to lose weight, intention to be on a caloric deficit of about 500kcal per day. If your objective is to construct up muscle and get greater, intention to be on a caloric surplus of about 250-500kcal per day. Regardless of which you select it is best to follow some kind of resistance training program to both protect and barely achieve muscle mass on a weight-loss food plan or add in slabs of muscle on a muscle-building food plan with caloric-surplus.

The stuff above could start to sound complicated to a few of you, however the primary level is that this:

  1. Pick a objective
  2. Pick a training routine
  3. Learn and get to understand how a lot you eat
  4. Learn and get to understand how a lot you progress
  5. Use your information of power (energy) in and power (energy) out to both lose weight and keep muscle mass or to realize weight with accelerated development of muscle mass (until you might be an absolute beginner to resistance training it’s actually arduous to do them each effectively on the identical time).

Once you already know all the above to some extent. START, and preserve going. Don’t program hop. Don’t strive new diets. Don’t waster your time making an attempt to grasp every thing. Just start and go ahead, as this can create momentum which in flip will enhance your self-discipline and skyrocket your motivation.

I do know a lot of you’ll nonetheless have a ton of questions after this. But with that being mentioned, I don’t care, and neither must you. If this sounds arduous otherwise you don’t care to undergo with it, then cool beans, do one thing else, BUT for those who’re up for it, START.

  1. Pick up a scale, activity tracker, and phone app for estimating caloric intake.
  2. Choose a objective; weight loss with muscle upkeep or weight achieve with muscle development.
  3. Adjust your caloric consumption for your objective and decide up a resistance training/exercise program.
  4. Start and preserve going, achieve momentum, get the ball rolling, self-discipline and all that…
  5. Stick to the stuff you selected to do for at the very least 6 months. No program hopping. No new diets.
  6. Don’t over-analyze something. Maybe you’re not 100% optimum at one thing? Who cares.

If you’re nonetheless right here, then nice. I’ll sort down easy exercise routine and nutrition plan under. You can select to make use of them, alter them to your liking, or discover one thing fully completely different. Just just remember to start and preserve going…and then preserve going…gaining that momentum…and out of the blue it’s 2019 and you’re in the perfect form of your life.

Workout Routine

workout routine for 2018 menthis works on a caloric surplus so as to add mass or in caloric deficit to take care of muscle, it’s brief, easy, and confirmed efficient.

Use weight that you could nearly raise for the mentioned quantity, when it will get simple, slowly add extra and preserve pushing it (progressive overload).

Monday (Chest, Triceps)

  • Bench press (2 units x 8 reps)
  • Incline bench press (2×8)
  • Weighted dips (3×5)
  • Tricep pushdown (2×10)
  • Brisk strolling (30min)

Tuesday (Rest)

  • Use this time for restoration
  • Light strolling and leisure stuff is okay.

Wednesday (Back, Biceps)

  • Deadlift (2×5)
  • Chin-ups (3×5 +progress to weighted ones when u can)
  • Barbell bicep curl (3×10)
  • Dumbbell shrugs (2×15)
  • Brisk strolling (30min)

Thursday (Rest)

  • Use this time for restoration
  • Light strolling and leisure stuff is okay.

Friday (Legs, Abs)

  • Back Squat (3×5)
  • Calf raises (3×10)
  • Front Squat (3×5)
  • Cable crunches (2×15)
  • Brisk strolling (30min)

Saturday (Shoulders)

  • Overhead Press (3×6)
  • Lateral raises (2×15)
  • Rear deltoid flyes (3×8)
  • Brisk strolling (30min)

Sunday (Rest)

  • Use this time for restoration
  • Light strolling and leisure stuff is okay.

Nutrition Plan

nutrition plan for new years resolutionSince folks have extraordinarily completely different style preferences, favourite meals, and meal occasions it’s ineffective to provide you a full day from start to complete with completely different meals (ie. “breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach…”)

Instead I’d say to eat what you might be considerably comfy eating and used to creating.

Don’t resort to quick food or microwaveable stuff, but additionally don’t simply eat salad and water or rooster with broccoli all day on a regular basis.

Look for meals that you simply like from this list of 30 testosterone boosting groceries and attempt to incorporate as a lot of them as you’ll be able to in your food plan, whereas conserving protein at about 20-30% of daily calories, carbohydrate at 40-60% of daily calories, and fat at 15-30% of your daily calories.

You may wish to rapidly look by means of my articles on protein, carbs, and fats to get an total thought on the kinds of protein, fats, and carbohydrate which can be perfect perfect for male hormonal health (excessive androgens, good thyroid perform, I linked them above), which can clearly assist you in gaining muscle and dropping fats. You don’t have to get too deep into these things nonetheless, bear in mind to maintain it S-I-M-P-L-E.

Example of macros for weight loss;

  • Caloric consumption (-500kcal from power expenditure)
  • Carbohydrate (~60% of complete energy consumed)
  • Protein (~25% of complete energy consumed)
  • Fat (~15% of complete energy consumed)

Example macro setup for weight achieve with accelerated muscular features;

  • Caloric consumption (+500kcal to power expenditure)
  • Carbohydrate (~40% of complete energy consumed)
  • Protein (~30% of complete energy consumed)
  • Fat (30% of complete energy consumed)



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