Stem Cell Therapy for Men’s Sex Health Needs More Research



Sep 11, 2018

Stem Cell Therapy for Men’s Sex Health Needs More ResearchCan stem cells assist males with erectile dysfunction (ED) or Peyronie’s illness? Scientists have been investigating using one explicit kind of stem cell, however the knowledge for these functions are “deficient” in accordance with a brand new examine in Sexual Medicine Reviews.

The authors analyzed a number of medical research on the topic.

There are over 200 sorts of cells within the human physique. What distinguishes stem cells is their means to turn into different sorts of cells. One widespread instance of stem cell remedy is bone marrow transplantation, however scientists are trying for ways in which stems cells would possibly deal with diseases like diabetes and coronary heart illness.

In time, ED and Peyronie’s illness may additionally be handled with stem cells. In the examine, researchers centered on stromal vascular faction (SVF), described as “the heterogenous mixture” that varieties adipose-derived stem cells. (Adipose is one other time period for fats. These stem cells come from fats tissue.)

SVF is “ideal” for the formation of latest blood vessels, the authors famous, making them notably fascinating for ED therapies. Often, erection issues happen as a result of blocked blood vessels can’t enable sufficient blood to circulation into the penis.

Scientists additionally suppose that SVF would possibly regenerate broken tissue.

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