South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club | 78 Year Old Janis McBee Proves It’s Never Too Late to Start Olympic Lifting


If you’re working low on motivation and want a Monday pick me up, then look no additional than 78 yr previous Janis McBee. She’s at the moment a U.S. National Masters Record holder for 2 age teams within the snatch, clear & jerk, and complete.

  • 70-74 age group: 58kg girls’s information stand at a 22kg snatch, 28kg clear & jerk, and 50kg complete.
  • 75-79 age group: 53kg girls’s information stand at a 20kg snatch, 25kg clear & jerk, and 45kg complete.

McBee not too long ago competed within the 2017 Praxis Cup held in Salt Lake City, Utah. That doesn’t appear terribly out of the ordinary, till you take into account that McBee drove over 250 miles from Ridgeline Fitness in Grand Junction, Colorado. Below is a video from the 2017 Praxis Cup of McBee’s snatch and clear & jerk.

Yes, she “pressed” her snatch, however with most masters lessons at this age group lockout tips are usually extra relaxed. This is finished for the sake of competitors and security. In addition, she cut up snatches, which is commonly thought of a extra “old school” fashion, and could be linked to weightlifting’s origins.

We don’t see this not often utilized lifting fashion with most youthful competitive lifters, so it’s cool to see McBee use this technique. Check out the video beneath of a fair quicker cut up jerk snatch from one other masters athlete.

If you’re questioning, “If she pressed her snatch, then why did she split jerk and not just press then?” It’s almost certainly due to the truth that athletes at this age discover jerking simpler on the joints, as opposed to grinding by presses. Yet, that’s simply my assumption.

What’s presumably probably the most spectacular a part of McBee’s lifting is that she solely started a couple of years in the past. Her first competitors posted with outcomes on-line is from 2009, and one of many commentator’s on the video additionally identified she’s comparatively new to the game of weightlifting.

McBee proves it’s by no means too late to study a ability like weightlifting. If you’re feeling intimidated to decide up and take a look at weightlifting, then consider McBee crushing information, and take a look at a few of the resources on our web site.

Feature picture from @slcfornow Instagram web page. 


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