Why People Smoke and Why They Should Stop Right Now


Why People smoking

People give many reasons that they keep smoking – all of which can be refuted. 

Here’s the short list:

Because I like smoking

Because I’m self destructive

Because I’m a smoke-a-holic

To relieve my stress

It safe with filters

I can quit anytime

I can’t quit

Quitting is a fate worse than death

I’ve smoked so much and so long what’s the point in quitting now?



But the real question is – Have you found your reason to quit smoking?

There are only two questions you need to ask and have answered in order to assure your success in quitting.

  1. Do you WANT to quit?
  2. How will you address the urges when they happen?

The first question will be the reason you quit.  It will carry you through the rough times when the urges may become intense or you watch your old friends smoking.  But you will KNOW why you are quitting and you’ll stick with it.
50 Reasons to Stop Smoking TODAY

It might be that you wake up one morning and realize that you’re slowly killing yourself.

You might have suffered through a three or four day cold without being able to smoke, and realizing that you’ve gotten through the worst of the physical withdrawal, just continue without smoking.

You might be asked by your spouse or your children and realize that you can make a difference in their lives by modeling strength.

The reason doesn’t have to matter to anyone but yourself.  And no one else really needs to know what the reason is.  But you must have a reason that is powerful, strong and pulls at you.

And the second question – what will you do to address the urges when they do come?  That answer lies in your willingness to try things that are designed to help you instead of just ‘toughing it out’.  Winners ask for help, find ways around their problems and get answers. 
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