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What involves thoughts if you consider sexual bodily fluids? Does the concept of semen or vaginal discharge flip you on or flip your abdomen?

We all have totally different emotions in direction of the physique and its fluids, starting from lighthearted and optimistic to deeply shameful and disturbing. It depends upon your experiences.

Uniquely you

Sex will be an intimate and primitive expertise; good intercourse usually hinges on with the ability to let go of preoccupying ideas about efficiency and the way you look, sound and really feel to your associate.

Turning down the amount on self-conscious ideas and focusing attention on all of your senses will be very erotic, significantly in the case of odor and style.

How genitals style and odor are affected by hormonal modifications, eating regimen, health, hygiene and different components.

Just like our fingerprints, what we odor and style like are subtly distinctive and will be extremely arousing to your associate.

What’s ‘normal’…from the penis?

During sexual arousal, males usually secrete just a little colourless pre-ejaculate alkaline fluid. The function of that is to neutralise urine acid in preparation for ejaculation. It’s extra generally often called ‘pre-cum’. Pre-cum doesn’t comprise sperm, however if there’s any sperm leftover within the urethra from an earlier ejaculation, it may well transport it out of the penis. So watch out for those who’re making an attempt to avoiding pregnancy.

When a person has an orgasm, it normally accompanies ejaculation, the place semen spurts out of the penis. Semen comprises a mix of fluids: sperm from the testicles, protecting liquid from the seminal vesicles and milky white fluid from the prostate gland.

Sperm usually comes out in a mix of textures, some thinner, some extra lumpy and thicker, like egg white. Younger males have a tendency to supply extra semen than older males.

The odor of semen is commonly described as being a bit like bleach or ammonia and the variable style of semen is commonly described as bitter, salty, candy or metallic.

Unlike ladies, males shouldn’t produce discharge from the genitals every day throughout non-sexual exercise – solely urine.

What’s ‘normal’…from the vagina? 

Vaginal secretions differ from girl to girl. They change all through life and are regular to expertise every single day.

Natural lubrication doesn’t essentially point out the extent of sexual arousal, though it does have a tendency to extend throughout sexual pleasure.

Fluctuating hormones impact the consistency and amount of vaginal discharge, as do alcohol, medication, treatment, contraception, breastfeeding, menopause and frame of mind.

During ovulation, the feel of vaginal discharge tends to be jelly-like, clear and stretchy, whereas at different occasions of the month-to-month cycle it might be thinner and extra watery, milky or creamy and barely thicker.

Some ladies excrete a lot of liquid upon orgasm, often called ‘squirting’.  During intercourse, the vagina can really feel moist one second, then dry the following, so utilizing extra lubricants (lube) could make intercourse smoother, simpler and improve pleasurable sensations.

The flavour of the vagina largely comes from the fluids secreted, which are sometimes described as tasting acidic or metallic.

It is regular for vaginas and vaginal fluids to have a slight odor, which is able to differ in accordance with hormones, exercise, hygiene and eating regimen.

A foul odor is commonly an indication that one thing is fallacious nonetheless, so search medical assist if that’s the case.

Sex in your interval

Although it is perhaps quite messy, it’s completely fantastic to interact in intercourse throughout your interval (if that’s what you each need), nonetheless it may well enhance the probabilities or transmitting STIs, so keep secure and use condoms or dental dams (latex sheets to behave as a protecting barrier for orally stimulating the vagina or anus).

And what’s not ‘normal’?

The fluid or discharge that comes out of your genitals will be useful in telling you if one thing’s not fairly proper and wishes medical attention – don’t ignore it.

An uncommon discharge from the vagina or penis could be a symptom of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) reminiscent of, Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea or Trichomoniasis.

Using condoms and dental dams will assist to guard you in opposition to the transmission of STIs. For extra information on sexual health tests and treatments, click here.

It’s additionally value noting that some STIs will be symptomless, so when you’ve got had unprotected sexual contact, you could possibly be in danger and will get examined. Take a free STI risk assessment here.

Smells Fishy?

A fishy odor from the vagina with a watery greyish discharge is commonly an indication of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), which isn’t sexually transmitted and will be handled with antibiotics. BV will be attributable to washing the vagina with perfumed merchandise, or from douching (flushing out the within of the vagina with water or an answer). Doing so can unbalance the vagina’s pure PH – it’s greatest to make use of simply water on the exterior genitals if you’re washing.

Say Cheese

Thrush is a yeast an infection that impacts each women and men, which may produce a cottage-cheese like discharge from the penis or vagina and trigger irritation. Thrush will be attributable to hormone fluctuations, taking antibiotics, having unprotected intercourse with a associate who has thrush, carrying tight artificial clothes across the genitals, or washing the genitals with cleaning soap or utilizing perfumed merchandise.

Another substance produced by the physique that may give off a nasty odor if allowed to construct up is Smegma. Smegma grows below the foreskin of the penis and has a cream cheese consistency. Although it has healthy antibacterial properties, the underside of the foreskin (if you’re uncircumcised) must be cleaned recurrently to keep away from it increase.


It has been instructed that sure meals can enhance or worsen the style and odor of our sexual bodily fluids.

On the yuck record: spicy food, garlic, onion, dairy merchandise, asparagus, meat, alcohol and tobacco.

On the yum record: citrus fruit, some tropical fruits, inexperienced tea, candy issues, like vanilla ice cream and cinnamon.

If you might be involved concerning the style of your sexual secretions, you could possibly strive chopping down on sure meals to see if it makes any distinction. However, there doesn’t look like any large-scale scientific analysis to base this style take a look at on, it might simply be a case of non-public choice.

To swallow or to not swallow

Having your associate ejaculate in your mouth could also be an actual activate for some individuals, however it’s not for everybody. Don’t really feel pressured to swallow for those who don’t wish to. How you’re feeling concerning the texture, style, odor, look and never figuring out precisely when it’s going to occur can affect your resolution to strive it or not.

Talk about it along with your associate – what you want and don’t like and what you may prefer to strive. Using a condom when giving your associate oral intercourse not solely protects in opposition to STIs however provides you with a barrier for those who aren’t eager on the style, odor or ejaculation straight into your mouth. You may agree to your associate to sign to you when they’re about to ejaculate, so to selected whether or not they achieve this in your mouth or elsewhere. But thoughts your eyes – semen within the eyes can sting.

You may think about experimenting utilizing food or flavoured lubes for oral intercourse, which may additionally add a little bit of enjoyable. (Remember to not use oil-based merchandise with latex condoms.)

Pee and wash first, to alleviate your thoughts of issues over tastes and smells that may put you off having fun with intercourse. And for those who’re utilizing food, keep in mind to scrub afterwards as nicely.

If you don’t just like the style or the concept of the vagina and vulva straight on the mouth, however each wish to interact in oral intercourse, strive utilizing a dental dam as a barrier over her genitals, which may also assist stop transmission of STIs. And for those who’re utilizing food, keep in mind to scrub afterwards as nicely.

If you discover an uncommon change in your genitals or bodily fluids, search medical recommendation. Early remedy for infections can stop long-term health issues.

Further assist

Traumatic experiences reminiscent of sexual abuse, or adverse attitudes in direction of our bodies and sexuality might affect the way in which you’re feeling about intercourse and your physique. Talking remedy may enable you to to construct a extra optimistic, healthy mind-set in direction of intercourse and relationships. For extra data or to seek for a specialist psychosexual therapist, go to The College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT)


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