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Understanding the rules upon which efficient Weightlifting Programming is constructed is essential to with the ability to create methods to assist athletes enhance their strength, approach, velocity and efficiency within the lifts. To make it easier to obtain this objective, we now have put our well-liked video sequence Scientific Principles of Weightlifting all in 1 place for you, watch and study.


The first and most necessary precept, Specificity, creates a framework inside which all different programming selections are made.


For training to be efficient it should be difficult sufficient to drive adaptation. Max Aita explains the Principle of Overload and offers parameters for quantity and depth to assist inform your weightlifting training.

Fatigue Management

Hard training is necessary however in case you can’t get better successfully, your progress shall be brief lived. The Principle of Fatigue Management helps you determine how a lot training is sufficient, when deloads are applicable and different methods to be sure that restoration is perfect.

Stimulus Recovery Adaptation

The Principle of SRA offers you a greater understanding of how ceaselessly to train your lifts and the completely different implications on fatigue that training for approach, velocity and strength have.


The Principle of Variation is essential to know to be able to apply sufficient variation to training to keep away from staleness and overuse harm, however not a lot that you simply disrupt directed adaptation.

Phase Potentiation

Strategically sequencing completely different phases of training will make it easier to maximize your long run training outcomes and guarantee that you’re finest peaked for a very powerful competitors days.

Individual Differences

Being capable of modify training masses, exercise choice, frequency and different elements based mostly on a person variations between lifters or for a similar lifter at completely different phases of their profession, is the ultimate piece to mastering program design.


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