Reishi and Testosterone: The Antiandrogenic Fungi


The ganoderma Lucidum – generally often called Reishi or Lingzhi – is a fungus that grows out of Eastern Hemlock timber that domesticate primarily within the Northern America.

It has been used as a supreme medicinal mushroom in Chinese drugs for over 2,000 years, and even Western drugs has taken curiosity on its attainable health advantages. Some historic writings consult with reishi as “the mushroom of life; elixir of life”, and it’s recognized that the Emperor Wu of Han, who dominated China over 2,000 years in the past, despatched out a number of expeditions to search for Reishi (which he known as “the plant of immortality”).

Since Wu of Han has been useless for 1000’s of years, we are able to safely say that Reishi doesn’t make you immortal. However, trendy analysis has proven that Ganoderma lucidum has some very potent therapeutic results within the physique, particularly when it comes to anti-cancer and immune system boosting results.

When it involves hormones although, Reishi is understood to behave as a really potent antiandrogen. Although this hasn’t stopped the entrepreneurs for calling it a “natural hormone balancer”.

The Antiandrogenic Reishi

reishi testosterone androgen receptors and DHTDue to the bitter style, Reishi mushrooms are sometimes sliced and brewed into tea.

This kidney-shaped fungi holds in a number of energetic compounds, resembling triterpenes, alkaloids, polysaccharides, coumarin, mannitol, plant sterols, and ganoderic acids (that are mentioned to be structurally comparable with the steroids produced naturally by the physique)1.

For years, Asian physicians and naturopaths have prescribed it to assist immune features and for its anti-cancer exercise. More generally, folks within the West have used ganoderma lucidum extracts and tea in its place drugs in opposition to most cancers.

As to be anticipated, the trendy drug trade has rapidly dominated out the usage of Reishi as a most cancers therapy. However, the 2015 Cochrane evaluation that’s among the many most extremely revered medical analysis organizations, concluded that Reishi may very well be used alongside chemotherapy, for the reason that topics with most cancers reply higher to the therapy once they take G. lucidum quite than with radiation/chemo alone2.

Research has proven that in people, Reishi upregulates the manufacturing of assorted lymphocytes, T-helper cells, and T-killer cells, whereas concurrently suppressing tumor necrosis issue; TNF-α3–5. These are regarded as the first mechanism behind its anti-cancer and immune boosting advantages, though a number of different mechanisms have additionally been famous in cell-culture research6–9.

In a nutshell, Reishi seems to be useful for reinforcing immunity and suppressing the expansion of cancerous cells and tumors. It shouldn’t be used as a standalone most cancers therapy, however has been discovered to enhance the therapy response of radiation/chemotherapy when used on the facet.

When it involves the hormonal results of G. lucidum, they aren’t as constructive. When Reishi was studied alongside 19 different medicinal mushrooms for his or her 5-alpha reductase inhibitor exercise, it was famous that out of all of the fungi, it was G. lucidum that almost all potently suppressed 5-a reductase (and thus prevents testosterone from changing into dihydrotestosterone; the master androgen). This antiandrogenic impact is dose-dependent, and alcohol extracted Reishi appears to be stronger at blocking DHT manufacturing than water-extracts10–13.

You’d assume that if 5-a reductase is blocked, much less testosterone is transformed to DHT and the outcome could be greater serum T-levels, however this isn’t the case right here. Reishi supplementation has been discovered to not alter testosterone ranges in human topics14, though it did so in rodents15. Even worse, the antiandrogenic impact of Ganoderma lucidum extends to androgen receptors, the place Reishi dose-dependently blocks the binding of testosterone and DHT12. Similarly to oats and avena sativa supplements, Reishi can also be a wealthy supply of the polysaccharide β-Glucan1, which is antiandrogenic16.

Although reishi doesn’t appear to change serum testosterone ranges in people, it nonetheless has a number of antiandrogenic mechanisms that suppress DHT and T utilization within the physique. It’s thought-about to be essentially the most potent pure antiandrogen to date found.


Reishi is a potent medicinal mushroom with a number of energetic elements.

It powerfully stimulates immunity and has anti-cancer advantages, however on the similar time it’s the strongest recognized pure antiandrogen and can intervene with the manufacturing of DHT and binding of male hormones to their receptor websites.

Since most of you studying this are in search of methods to lift testosterone and DHT ranges to reinforce anabolic and androgenic results within the physique, Reishi would undoubtedly be one thing to keep away from, because it possible is essentially the most counterproductive complement you can probably absorb regards of hormonal optimization.



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