Q & A: What Caused My Boyfriend’s Epidiymitis?


Q: My boyfriend was simply recognized with epididymitis yesterday. The physician didn’t point out something about staying away from intercourse, utilizing safety to any extent further or whether or not or not I  can get contaminated and move it again to him. We have been having unprotected anal, oral & vaginal intercourse for a little bit over a yr now & neither considered one of us have any STIs. I’m curious to know what causes epididymitis. Also, can we proceed to have intercourse and, in that case, ought to we use safety?

A: Good for you for eager to be taught extra about how your boyfriend’s analysis could also be associated to your personal health, and to the sexual life that you just share collectively. The epididymis is a skinny tube that sits simply above and behind males’s testicles. Although it takes up a small house within the physique, it’s fairly lengthy and is tightly coiled. Its most important operate is to gather and retailer sperm (which is made by the testicles) previous to ejaculation.

The phrase “epididymitis” refers to an irritation or an infection of this tube; there will be a number of totally different causes for the irritation. Common signs of epididymitis embrace ache, tenderness, soreness, or swelling of the scrotal space. The scrotum is the sac of pores and skin that comprises the testicles and epididymis.

Check Sports Injuries As Well As STIs

These similar signs can point out different issues, reminiscent of trauma to the testicles because of sports activities accidents or different accidents. Therefore it’s all the time a good suggestion for males to test in with their healthcare supplier in the event that they expertise such signs. Less typically, males might discover signs reminiscent of fever and chills or a discharge from their penis.

In younger males beneath age 35, epididymitis is commonly attributable to sexually transmissible infections (STI) reminiscent of chlamydia or gonorrhea. Chlamydia is the commonest bacterial STI, particularly amongst adolescents and younger adults. Fortunately, each chlamydia and gonorrhea will be cured with sure antibiotics, though some strains of gonorrhea are proof against antibiotic therapy.

There are different causes of epididymitis together with enlargement of the prostate gland (which is uncommon in youthful males), urinary tract infections and different sorts of bacterial infections that aren’t sexually transmitted. Treatment for epididymitis is determined by its trigger; whether it is bacterial (whether or not from a STI or not), the standard therapy is a course of antibiotics.

In order to raised perceive how your boyfriend’s analysis of epididymitis impacts your sexual life collectively, you two might want to ask his healthcare supplier what the reason for his case of epididymitis appears to be.

Your boyfriend’s healthcare supplier would have probably examined him for STIs. If your boyfriend examined optimistic for chlamydia or gonorrhea, then his healthcare supplier will probably recommend that your boyfriend get handled, that you just get examined and handled, and that you just both abstain from intercourse till the an infection has cleared or that you just use condoms for oral, anal and/or vaginal intercourse till the an infection has cleared. Even in case your boyfriend checks damaging for STIs, you continue to might need to test in with a healthcare supplier to see when you have any bacterial infections or STIs. Regular STI testing is all the time a good suggestion whenever you’re sexually energetic.

Best To Get It Treated

If your boyfriend is experiencing soreness or discomfort, he might need to abstain from sexual exercise till he feels higher. Other than that, epididymitis is a standard sufficient situation that — when handled — males usually get better rapidly from, and may quickly resume snug, fulfilling intercourse.


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