Q & A: She Feels Bad After Sex With Me? Why?


Q. My girlfriend just lately informed me that she feels unhealthy after any sort of intercourse with me. She doesn’t masturbate, and he or she even feels uneasy after sexual goals. She has no historical past of sexual abuse and says she feels prepared for intercourse. She can’t actually clarify it to me. What can we do?

A. Sex is a curious factor that folks react to in very other ways. Unfortunately, we don’t typically see intercourse portrayed in very nuanced methods in films or on tv. Sex is commonly proven as very erotic in films or as extremely thrilling or sensation- or performance-focused in a lot mainstream porn.

And but in actuality, individuals could expertise many various feelings in reference to sexual expression and for any variety of causes. Being sexual with one other person could make some individuals really feel extraordinarily weak.

After all, it includes taking off one’s garments, and for some individuals, intercourse can faucet into the depth of their feelings. If they count on a variety of emotional closeness and don’t get it, they might really feel lonely or unhappy. If they don’t need or count on emotional closeness however their companion expresses feelings they’re not prepared for or really feel in a position to take care of, they might really feel uncomfortable or avoidant.

The expertise of sexual pleasure and orgasm can even faucet into individuals’s mind chemistry in ways in which, as scientists, we don’t totally perceive but. There could also be key bodily variations that affect how some individuals really feel throughout or after intercourse. I’ve heard, for instance, from a number of individuals who describe unhappiness related to intercourse for causes they don’t perceive.

Talking To A Professional Can Help

My suggestion could be to think about connecting with a skilled intercourse therapist. Your girlfriend could discover it useful to talk with somebody about her emotional expertise of sexual expression. She can discover a intercourse therapist via the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists website.
She may additionally discover it useful to talk with a healthcare supplier to find out if there are different temper or nervousness points which may be bothering her extra typically, even outdoors of intercourse.

In the meantime, you two would possibly take into account exploring a variety of how of being intimate to raised perceive what helps her to really feel good and what doesn’t. Perhaps there are particular kinds of bodily intimacy, such kissing, cuddling, bathing collectively, or sensual touching, that can enable her pleasure with out unhappiness.

Also, though many ladies masturbate, some don’t – and that’s okay. If she’s not concerned with self-pleasuring, that’s all proper. Many ladies have satisfying experiences of sexuality with out incorporating masturbation into their lives.

Finally, you two could take pleasure in studying For Each Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy for tips on connecting in pleasurable methods.


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