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vitaminpak-120x120DINGO SUPER VITAMIN is one of the most complete 3-A-Day formulas on the market providing a high potency blend of vitamins and minerals along with a complete food based complex including fruit and vegetable blends and spirulina.

Also included are powerful antioxidants such as wheat grass, grape seed and red raspberry in addition to an impressive list of herbs and enzymes. It was specifically designed for active lifestyle enthusiasts, athletes and others who put their bodies through a higher level of physical stress.

DINGO SUPER VITAMIN is a easy to swallow tablets specially coated to protect the delicate nutrients from being broken down by stomach acids before being fully absorbed. With DINGO SUPER VITAMIN you get a multi-vitamin formula that really works!


• contains more than 50 active ingredients
• high in antioxidants
• supports functions of metabolism
• supports physical and mental health
• helps to prevent fatigue
• speeds-up regeneration
• easy to swallow

Recommended use:
Take 1 tablet 1-3 times daily with meals. Wash down with plenty of water. Order your bottle NOW!

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