Digestive Enzyme Elite


Digestive Enzyme Nutritional Dietary Supplement by Dingo Labs Sciences – Makzyme Pro Blend – Support A Proper Digestion, Gas Relief, Prevent Bloating & Stomach Discomfort – 60 Capsules – Made in the USA


  • Natural support for healthy digestion and metabolism
  • Help to relieve Constipation and Gas
  • Enhance Nutrition absorption
  • Contains high potency plant-sourced enzymes
  • Help to break Down Proteins and Sugars
  • Its combination of broad-spectrum digestive enzymes, herbal components, activating alfalfa nutrients and the metabolic enzyme Catalase provide a scientifically balanced formula that aids in healthy digestion and overall body health
  • SUNLEAFY DIGESTIVE ENZYME MAKZYME-PRO BLEND with Papain is a potent formula that combines powerful enzymes. Including inflammation-reducing papain, with synergistic probiotics. The enzymes speed up chemical reactions in your digestive system.


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