Beast Mode Nitric Shock

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Pre-Workout Powder, Beast Mode Nitric Shock Fruit Punch, 30 Servings, Natural Energizer, Increase Blood Flow to Your Body, Just The Right Amount of What You Need to Get Your Workout Started On The Right Foot


  • NITRIC SHOCK FOR OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE: Containing just the right amount of B-Vitamin Complex and Caffeine for energy, Taurine for mental focus, Arginine AKG for incredible pumps, Dicreatine Malate for lean muscle, and more.
  • NITRIC SHOCK FOR MAXIMUM ENDURANCE: Well-Balanced Formula that contains all you need for optimal stamina; L-Tyrosine, 290mg Electrolytes, Beta-Alanine for ATP endurance, and more.
  • GREAT TASTE AND MIXES INSTANTLY: Sugar-free and aspartame-free
  • WHY YOU SHOULD GET YOUR PRE-WORKOUT FROM DINGO LABS? Perfectly blended formula of 23 advanced nutrients like performance enhancers and potent energizers to give you nitric oxide and superior creatine results,produced in a gmp certified laboratory, made in a fda registered facility, satisfaction guaranteed, very potent non-gmo products


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