Over-The-Counter HIV Home Test Options And Benefits To Using Them

over the counter HIV home test

Over-The-Counter HIV Home Test Options And Benefits To Using Them

Have you ever used a HIV home test previously? Like most people you probably had never heard of this test until a girl you wanted insisted that you take one. This home-use testing kit should be used even if you do feel like you have nothing to worry about. It can, in fact, be used whenever you meet a new partner that does not want to be tested at the local clinic with you. The DIY HIV home test kit is very easy to use even if you have never seen it. A saliva sample or a blood sample
is needed.

Choosing an OTC HIV home test

There are many internet websites selling STD home testing kits today. If you want an over-the counter testing kit for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, pick an FDA-cleared option. A kit that has been accepted by the Food and Drug Administration will be safe and effective. There are kit systems that require the user to use a spring-loaded lancet to pierce their finger and save a drop of blood on a special test card. This blood is then sent to a laboratory for an assessment that takes 1 to 7 days.

Although these are still being sold, it’s much easier to use a HIV home test system that uses a saliva sample rather than a blood sample. The former gives you results almost immediately ensuring that you do not send your saliva swab to a testing center. You first swab your mouth for an oral fluid specimen. Then the saliva swab is tested with a special device in a test tube. The testing device has a small window on which a negative or a positive line appears. Taking a saliva specimen seems so simple, quick and fearless than taking a blood sample from a finger. If you want to assess your HIV status in total privacy, and convenience, the saliva specimen approach is perfect.

Benefits of using a HIV home test

Needless to mention, HIV and AIDs is a problem that causes stigma until currently. When peopleget the wind that a workmate, , relative or neighbor has HIV, they immediately see him as a sexual pervert. So when you use a HIV home test you can be able to keep the status to yourself. The infection is fairly manageable today with antiretroviral drugs, balanced diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes.

Besides ensuring your confidentiality, testing your status at home will save your time. The product can be ordered from an internet pharmacy shop. If the testing kit can be delivered at your doorstep, what is the use buying it from your local pharmacist? The saliva swab test is quick, thorough and effective. You will know your status after twenty minutes and take the right measures.

What to do if you test positive

Even if you will use the HIV home test kit alone at your home, it does not mean that a positive outcome will not scare you to death. This is particularly if you do not expect to get a positive outcome. The best action to take is to gather the courage to see a doctor so they can re-do the test professionally. If you are found to be indeed positive, the doctor will schedule counselling sessions for you and begin treatment.

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