Moringa and Testosterone: Misleading Claims


Moringa oleifera (additionally referred to as miracle tree, tree of life, and drumstick tree) grows in Asia and some African international locations.

It’s extremely nutritious and immune to environmental components, which has made it an necessary food crop in its areas of cultivation. Due to Moringas excessive quantity of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, it’s additionally used for some medicinal functions and the tree leaves are generally wrapped round meals to protect them from micro organism and mould.

Many corporations have famous the excessive nutrient content material of Moringa, and aggressive advertising and marketing campaigns have lately made it an extremely common “superfood”.

One of the claims made by the businesses promoting Moringa oleifera, is that it could be a potent aphrodisiac and testosterone booster in males, however is that this actually the case?

Moringa and Testosterone Production

moringa and testosterone productionThe leaves of the moringa tree are wealthy sources of magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C.

However, moringa additionally has a reasonably low bio-availibity within the human physique (solely about 31% will get digested on account of anti-nutrients like oxalic acid and tannins additionally within the leaves1).

Moringa oleifera can be an honest supply of antioxidants, and has up to now been discovered to enhance antioxidant standing a minimum of in ladies2.

When it involves the proclaimed testosterone boosting advantages, there’s a rat research from 2015 titled; “Moringa oleifera extract enhances sexual performance in stressed rats”, which says within the summary that moringa supplementation led to diminished cortisol, PDE-5 suppression (which is how erection medication work), elevated leydig cell depend, larger testosterone, and total elevated sexual efficiency3. This sounds nice, but when we have a look at the total research, we are able to see that the claims are deceptive.

The necessary half right here is that to induce a state of stress, the animals had been forcefully immobilized for 12-hours per day throughout the research by placing them into tightly fitted plastic tubes, which successfully destroyed their testosterone ranges in comparison with the management group (which clearly didn’t spend time within the tubes). After the check teams testosterone was suppressed to castrate ranges, the researchers administered various dosages of moringa for 7-days (whereas nonetheless forcing the rats to be utterly nonetheless for 50% of the day).

Testosterone ranges did improve barely, however this could occur with any supply of antioxidants, since immobilization causes oxidative harm, and ingesting antioxidants successfully reduces the harm and preserves the hormone molecules. However, in the event you have a look at the graph under, you possibly can see how deceptive it’s to assert that this might imply moringa to be a testosterone booster.

moringa testosterone study

The first column is the management group that wasn’t immobilized, the second column is a gaggle of rats who had been immobilized however didn’t obtain moringa, and the remaining columns are completely different dosages of the moringa leaf extracts given to immobilized rats. We can clearly see that though moringa – fairly randomly – elevated testosterone, the degrees didn’t come anyplace near these of the management group.

Further animal research on moringa have proven no profit to sperm high quality and testicular operate even at very excessive dosages on healthy rodents4, and in pregnant feminine rodents, moringa at 175mg/kg is poisonous to the reproductive system and may even induce abortions5. Furthermore, in people moringa has been proven to induce lactation by rising prolactin ranges6, if the elevated prolactin takes place in males, this could result in suppressed – not elevated – testosterone manufacturing.

Conclusion on Moringa

All we all know is that moringa can marginally improve testosterone ranges in rodents who’re immobilized for 50% of the day with their testosterone already at castrate ranges.

Although it’s claimed to be extraordinarily secure antioxidant, it’s antioxidant efficiency will not be that prime and it appears to have some poisonous results within the reproductive system of healthy feminine rodents.

There is totally no approach to say that these outcomes would recommend Moringa oleifera to be a testoterone booster or aphrodisiac. If the elevated prolactin seen on ladies additionally happens in males (no analysis on this sadly), then moringa ought to really result in lowered testosterone and diminished sexual efficiency7.

If somebody has duped you into shopping for the powder for T-boosting advantages, I recommend you to return your product and invest in something that actually works.



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