At first look, you could assume this Japanese OAP has bulging biceps that any health club bro could be pleased with, however it’s really the results of a painful shoulder damage.

According to Dr Naoki Yoshida, who handled the person, the bulge is a balled-up muscle because of a tear in one of many tendons that connects the bicep to the shoulder, often known as Popeye deformity. The case, which has been revealed within the New England Journal of Medicine, studies that the expansion appeared in his arm when he went to elevate a field and ended up tearing the lengthy head of the biceps tendon.

“This finding on physical examination is caused by bulging of the biceps muscle belly after rupture of the biceps tendon,” says the research.

The information will get worse, too, because the affected space, though could resemble that of muscle, is definitely delicate and pillowy, not laborious.

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