Male Importance and Medication

Male Importance and Medication

Male impotence has achieved a level of media focus that is higher than ever before. This is because of the number of medications which have been developed to treat erectile dysfunction. Impotence is defined as the inability to have an erection and therefore medications for erectile dysfunction are believed to be aimed at the treatment of male impotence.

However, unless the causative agent has been first identified, these erectile dysfunction medications are only treating the symptom and not identifying and treating the cause. These medications were first developed for individuals who were unable to have an erection for known reasons, such as paralysis or diabetes.

Today, because of the taboo nature of the discussion, many individuals are being prescribed these medications without first undergoing a thorough medical history and physical examination to determine any underlying causes which should also be treated.

Depending upon your source, there are statements which point to causative agents as being either physical or psychological. Unfortunately the number of myths and superstitions which surrounds the issue as well as the amount of ignorance in both the medical community and the lay community have caused the treatment of this condition to be relegated to a quick pill..

But, contrary to popular belief, impotence is almost never an all or none situation. Most men with erectile dysfunction have a normal desire (libido) but cannot obtain an erection that is hard enough to achieve penetration or long enough for orgasm. Not many people, including physicians, are aware that erectile dysfunction is not an all or none situation.

Physicians who treat men with impotence or erectile dysfunction are andrologists. These doctors are focused on the physical and psychological reasons why men have difficulty with erections. Their preferred term is erectile dysfunction because the term impotence has come to also mean the inability to perform in any sector of life..

For the most part men are unable to admit that there can be anything wrong with them. This attitude comes from decades, if not centuries, of believe in their ability to perform. If unable to perform in the bedroom, does this also mean they are inept in the rest of their lives?

Another reason why treatments and understanding of this condition lags behind other physical ailments is because of the initial early studies. While most branches of medicine find their roots in biology and begin to study the anatomy and physiology which lead to a disease process, this condition has its roots in psychology.

This explains why most people understand the complexity of brain and muscle function it takes to lift a finger but think that it only takes a naughty thoughts to lift the penis.

Women who live with men who suffer from erectile dysfunction need a special understanding and grace when approaching their partners about this condition. Before help can be sought or treatment achieved both partners must admit that there is a negative effect on their relationship and that it may have either a psychological or physical causes.

It is important to understand that an occasional situation in which a man is unable to perform is not a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction but rather is something that happens more frequently than occasionally.

Before addressing this issue with the physician there are several things that a couple can do at home to prepare for a physical examination. The doctor may suggest that stress or lack of sleep is the root cause of the issue and so clearing those issues before reaching the physician’s office will help to move the diagnosis along faster.

Consider getting a second opinion in order to find the root cause of the issue before throwing a pill at the situation in order to cure erectile dysfunction. If the cause of the condition has an underlying root in a subclinical medical condition then taking a pill to achieve the goal will only decrease the probability of a cure once the underlying medical condition has been discovered.

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