Klokov Press – Muscles Worked, Exercise Demo, and Benefits


Overhead strength and muscle mass needed to grab heavy masses is usually one thing that lifters wrestle with. The Klokov press, named after Dmitry Klokov, is an adjunct raise that may construct severe quantities of shoulder strength, stability, and have a direct influence on overhead efficiency within the snatch.

In this text, we’ll go over what a Klokov press is, methods to do one, training advantages, and most significantly; methods to program them instantly into your present weight lifting routine.

What Is a Klokov Press?

The Klokov Press is known as after former heavyweight World Champion Russian weightlifter, Dmitry Klokov, who prior to now few years has made a big identify for himself on social media, in teaching and instructional seminars, and on-line. One raise that he’s typically seen performing (and is a big advocate for) is the Klokov Press (often known as the behind the neck snatch strict press).

To carry out this raise, a lifter takes the barbell within the again rack place with a snatch-grip width on the barbell. Once they’re firmly standing with their knees and hips prolonged (like a strict standing press),  the lifter is to strict press the barbell overhead (with out using decrease physique help), in order that their closing resting place is with the barbell overhead with the arms at snatch-grip width. Below, Dmitry Klokov demonstrates methods to carry out his well-known press.

Muscles Worked

The Klokov press works the muscular tissues of the higher again, traps, and posterior shoulder. In addition, it may additionally goal the triceps and their skill to increase to complete off the overhead press.

Benefits of the Klokov Press

Below are three (3) advantages of the Klokov press that coaches and athletes can anticipate to see when programming these inside accent and/or principal strength blocks for weightlifters and operate fitness athletes alike.

Stronger Upper Back

The Klokov press targets muscular tissues needed for a robust overhead place within the snatch. By performing these, a lifter can develop muscle hypertrophy and strength within the shoulders and higher again.

Lateral Deltoid and Posterior Shoulder Development

Development of the deltoids and posterior shoulder are key for overhead stability and strength within the receiving place of the snatch. Instability attributable to poor muscle growth can typically end in missed lifts and damage. The Klokov press may be achieved to focus on the deltoids and place shoulder fo lifters who could also be missing total measurement and strength within the shoulders.

Overhead Strength and Stability

When snatching, overhead strength and stability is vital to attenuate buckling of the elbows and forestall damage the wrists, elbows, and shoulder. Klokov presses can be utilized to strengthen the particular motor actions and muscle fibers wanted in a snatch, making it an incredible accent raise to handle weak point for lifter with mushy elbows within the snatch.

How to Program the Klokov Press

Like most accent strength actions, the Klokov press may be added into later segments of a each day weighting program and/or on basic strength and hypertrophy days. Most coaches will discover profit in together with it after principal snatch, clear, and jerk work for a selected day in order that the lifter can nonetheless assault the primary lifts in a much less fatigued state (as a result of the Klokov press is a taxing muscle constructing motion). Below are some suggestions for integrating the urgent motion into training applications


Beginners ought to strategy this second with warning, as they might haven’t developed the required vary of movement and management within the shoulder joint/advanced. Beginners ought to work with gentle masses first, with sluggish and managed tempos to make sure correct joint mechanics and to not overstress the smaller muscular tissues throughout the posterior shoulder (rotator cuff muscular tissues, and so forth). I discover it greatest to have them carry out this with an empty barbell for 8-10 sluggish and managed repetitions (each up and down) for 2-3 units both earlier than periods or in the direction of the tip.


Performing these earlier than training periods could be a good strategy to activate and prime the muscular tissues of the higher again and shoulders for an upcoming snatch or overhead squat session. When achieved earlier than the primary lifts, I like to recommend you carry out average to gentle loading for average reps and units; with the concentrate on motion fairly than including excessive quantities of fatigue.

Accessory Blocks (for non-rookies)

For lifters who’re extra skilled, including heavier masses to the Klokov press could possibly be helpful for constructing muscle mass and positional strength. I like to recommend that athletes carry out 3-6 repetitions for 3-6 units utilizing average to heavy masses. I sometimes attempt to have my athletes not carry out with as heavy of weights as attainable for the reason that stress on the shoulder on the start of the motion and reducing may be fairly taxing on the smaller muscular tissues within the shoulder. That stated, as soon as they’ve construct up sufficient quantity and primary management/strength, including extra load is usually acceptable (akin to in Klokov’s movies…). As a basic suggestion, average reps with average masses for average units is an efficient place to begin.

Build a Better Snatch

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