How Much Time Do Birth Control Methods Take to Work?


What contraception strategies take the shortest and longest time to work?


Barrier contraception comparable to condoms and diaphragms work straight away. Other strategies that contain bodily or chemical adjustments to the physique often take longer.

How lengthy it takes a specific type of contraception to work actually depends upon the best way by which it prevents pregnancy.

Condoms, for instance, work instantly as a result of they forestall semen from coming into the vagina. The similar goes for different forms of barrier contraception strategies.

It’s vital to perceive that no technique of contraception works 100% of the time for all. Oral contraceptives might be up to 99% efficient, whereas the patch works about 91% of the time and fewer in ladies over 198 kilos.

Key Takeaways:

  • When taken inside 5 days of a lady’s first day of a interval cycle, oral contraception capsules start working straight away
  • Copper IUDs start working straight away, whereas different IUDs start working throughout the first week or straight away if inserted on the start of a interval cycle
  • Most different types of contraception take 7 days to start working or start instantly if they’re begun on the primary day of a menstrual cycle

“How long it takes a birth control method to begin working, depends on how it prevents pregnancy.”

It’s greatest to seek the advice of along with your physician concerning the numerous types of contraception accessible.

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