Hepatitis A outbreak cases on rise across US; Nashville reports outbreak


California, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Utah and West Virginia have reported outbreaks of hepatitis A since March 2017. Cases in these states, aside from Michigan, have been genetically equivalent or comparable, in keeping with the CDC. Laboratory reports haven’t decided whether or not the viral strains from cases in Nashville are additionally genetically linked.

Symptoms of hepatitis A, which embody fever, fatigue, nausea, belly ache and jaundice (yellowing of the pores and skin and whites of the eyes), often final lower than two months, though some folks may be unwell for so long as six months, in keeping with the CDC.

Most sufferers get well utterly and do not need any lasting liver injury.


Hepatitis A is often unfold when folks eat contaminated food or water; extra hardly ever, the virus is transmitted person-to-person by poor hygiene and shut contact. Although there aren’t any particular remedies, medical doctors suggest relaxation, sufficient nutrition and fluids.

Generally, folks get sick between 15 and 50 days after their first publicity to the virus. Infected folks can unfold the virus one to 2 weeks earlier than their very own signs seem and as much as one week after they develop jaundice, often a late-appearing symptom.

Past surgical patients at a Denver hospital may be at risk of HIV, hepatitis, state warns

Vaccination is the easiest way to forestall an an infection, in keeping with the CDC, which has labored with public health officers in affected areas to offer steerage about concentrating on the vaccine to at-risk populations and has collaborated with producers to extend the nationwide provide.

“The supply for children is fine, and there is enough adult supply to meet demand,” CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund mentioned. “As for people talking to their doctors, it would depend on whether their doctor stocks the vaccine.”

She added that the CDC doesn’t have a preferential advice among the many hepatitis A vaccines licensed by the Food and Drug Administration, which embody Havrix and Twinrix, each produced by GlaxoSmithKline, and Vaqta, produced by Merck.

CDC and vaccine producers proceed to observe ongoing demand for hepatitis A vaccine carefully, Nordlund mentioned.

Due to the outbreak, the CDC recommends hepatitis A vaccination for people who find themselves homeless and who use medicine, the 2 populations most in danger for changing into contaminated.

Generally, inoculation with the vaccine is really helpful for all kids at age 1; males who’ve intercourse with different males; customers of leisure medicine; folks with continual or long-term liver illness; folks with clotting-factor issues; folks with direct contact with folks contaminated with hepatitis A; vacationers to international locations the place hepatitis A is frequent and household and caregivers of adoptees from these international locations; and anybody else who desires safety in opposition to the illness.


California was the primary state to announce an outbreak in 2017, saying it started in November 2016. The state reported a demobilization of response as of April 11, although state, county and native health authorities proceed to observe the state of affairs.
San Diego County tackles hepatitis A after outbreak kills 16

As of April 11, California reported 704 cases, 461 hospitalizations and 21 deaths. The majority of cases — 587 — occurred in San Diego, although Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Monterey and different counties had been additionally affected. Subsequent hepatitis A cases will probably be included within the state’s annual surveillance reports.

“The majority of people who have been infected with hepatitis A virus in this outbreak are people experiencing homelessness and/or using illicit drugs in settings of limited sanitation,” in keeping with the California Department of Public Health website. “Other states are experiencing outbreaks in similar populations of at-risk people.”


Since November, the Indiana State Department of Health has recognized a rise of hepatitis A cases within the southern a part of the state, with most sufferers residing in Clark and Floyd Counties.

The state reported a complete of 107 hepatitis A outbreak-related cases as of May 25, with 51 hospitalizations. Many of the contaminated folks have an affiliation with sufferers within the giant outbreak in neighboring Kentucky, in keeping with the health division’s web site, which additionally notes that, usually, the state averages simply 20 cases of hepatitis A per yr.


In November, the Kentucky Department for Public Health recognized an outbreak of hepatitis A. The state reported 629 complete cases, 401 hospitalizations and 6 deaths as of May 21.

“Similar to hepatitis A outbreaks in other states, the primary risk factors have been homelessness and illicit drug use,” the health division famous.

“It’s a rare disease,” mentioned Dr. Jeffrey Howard, appearing commissioner of the Department of Public Health, in a presentation recorded on Facebook. The state usually reports 20 cases yearly, he added.

“This outbreak is occurring across the country,” Howard mentioned, including that it’s believed the outbreak started in San Diego after which unfold from there. “I suspect many, many states across the country will declare an outbreak, and they will see a rising number of cases.”


Michigan has been coping with an outbreak of hepatitis A since August 2016, with 837 total cases as of May 23, together with 671 hospitalizations and 27 deaths. Most of the sickness has occurred in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties in addition to within the metropolis of Detroit.
Michigan hit hard by deadly hepatitis A outbreak

The state reported that it’s persevering with to see an elevated variety of hepatitis A cases as of May 23.


Though the confirmed variety of Nashville sufferers since December is just within the mid-teens, “national experts at CDC are involved and providing laboratory testing and technical consultation and support as needed,” mentioned Brian Todd, a spokesman for Music City’s Metro Public Health Department. “Part of the overall effort is to try to identify the source of the outbreak; however, it is too early to make that determination.”

According to Todd, the Metro Public Health Department had a provide of vaccine on hand and obtained an extra 1,000 doses from the Tennessee Department of Health on Thursday.

“We still have a good supply of vaccine, and additional vaccine is available as needed,” he mentioned.

Based on confirmed cases, the town’s instant precedence for vaccination consists of males who’ve sexual contact with males and illicit drug customers, Todd added. “We are considering those experiencing homelessness as an at-risk group even though there have been no cases,” he mentioned. “We have typically seen an average of two cases each year in Nashville over the past few years.”


Utah, which recognized its personal outbreak of hepatitis A starting in January 2017, reported 266 confirmed cases associated to the outbreak as of Tuesday. Salt Lake County, which has reported 148 total cases including two deaths as of April 2, has carried most of this burden.

“In response to the outbreak, public health officials have been working to identify cases and contacts, provide education, and ensure opportunities for vaccination of close contacts to cases and vulnerable populations,” in keeping with state health authorities.

West Virginia

West Virginia reported 106 cases of hepatitis A as of May 23. Kanawha and Putnam counties have skilled most of those cases. In response to the outbreak, the state health division is offering hepatitis A vaccination clinics for restaurant and food service workers in these two counties, since a minimum of one employee in eight food institutions have confirmed infections.


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