George Clooney has the perfect face. How does yours compare?



The Golden Ratio, or Phi, was an try by the Greeks to outline the perfect measurements of magnificence.

“The Phi ratio of 1.618 has long been thought to hold the secret of beauty, and now with the computer mapping we can calculate exactly how it applies to men,” stated Dr De Silva, proprietor of (oh, what a shock) The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery.

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After inputting the ratio into a pc, varied faces have been scanned to see how they fared. Eyes, eyebrows, nostril, lips, chin, jaw and facial form have been all measured and Clooney’s got here nearest to the historic Greek concept of perfection.

george clooney perfect face

Other close to perfect faces have been Bradley Cooper (91.8%), Brad Pitt (90.51%), Harry Styles (89.63%) and David Beckham (88.96%.)

Though Clooney has the highest total rating, if the facial options are taken individually, it’s a special image. The perfect nostril goes to Ryan Gosling with a 99.7% match, eyes and chin go to Harry Styles with 98.15% and 99.7% respectively and face form goes to David Beckham with 96.4% rating. 

Top 10 total scores go to:

George Clooney – 91.86%

Bradley Cooper – 91.80%

Brad Pitt – 90.51%

Harry Styles – 89.63%

David Beckham – 88.96%

Will Smith – 88.88%

Idris Elba – 87.93%

Ryan Gosling – 87.48%

Zayn Malik – 86.5%

Jamie Fox – 85.46%

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Allow John Cleese To Explain…


Calculate Your Own Phi Score

You’ll want a cellphone, a printer, a ruler and quite a lot of persistence….

– Take a selfie – most likely the vainest of your life – no smiling, look straight ahead and have your hair off your face.

– Print out the image on A4.


Nose size: Measure the size of the nostril from its widest level at the nostril.

Nose width: Measure the width of the nostril at its widest level.

Nose ratio: Divide the nostril size by nostril width.

If larger than 1.618 then divide 1.618 by your nostril ratio. If smaller than 1.618 then divide your nostril ratio by 1.618. That gives you your share rating of nostril Phi rating.


Arch Length: Measure your eyebrow from the finish nearest your nostril to the arch in a straight line

Full Length: Measure your eyebrow from the similar finish to the reverse tip in a straight line

Eyebrow Ratio: Divide the Full Length by the Arch Length

If larger than 1.618 then divide 1.618 by your eyebrow ratio. If smaller than 1.618 then divide your eyebrow ratio by 1.618. That gives you your share rating of eyebrow Phi rating.


Lip Length: Measure the size of the lip from finish to finish

Divide lip size by nostril width – 1.618 if perfect.

The distance from the nook of the lip to the reverse fringe of the nostril must also be equal to base of nostril x 1.618.


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