Fewer Men Prescribed Testosterone After FDA Advisory


Jul 17, 2018

Fewer Men Prescribed Testosterone After FDA AdvisoryEver because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressed security issues about testosterone alternative remedy in 2015, the variety of testosterone prescriptions has declined, in line with current analysis.

The drop has occurred despite the fact that the variety of males in search of assist for signs of low testosterone has remained regular over the identical time interval.

The findings have been introduced on the annual assembly of the American Urological Association, held in May 2018.

The medical time period for low testosterone ishypogonadism,and docs typically prescribe testosterone alternative remedy to males whose our bodies don’t make satisfactory quantities of this hormone on their very own. Sometimes, this occurs when the testes (the glands that produce testosterone) aren’t working correctly. In different circumstances, there is perhaps an issue with the a part of the mind that triggers testosterone manufacturing.

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