Fewer Biological Boys Referred to Gender Identity Clinic


Oct 23, 2018

Fewer Biological Boys Referred to Gender Identity ClinicThe number of biological boys referred to the world’s largest gender identity clinic has dropped over the years, experts report.

The study, recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, focused on children with gender dysphoria.

Gender dysphoria refers to situations in which people feel uncomfortable or unhappy with their biological sex at birth and identify with another gender. For example, a biological boy might feel that he is meant to be a girl and prefer toys or clothes that are traditionally considered feminine. Similarly, a biological girl might wish she was a boy and choose more masculine toys and clothes.

Children who show tendencies toward gender dysphoria are usually referred to a gender identity clinic, where they receive counseling and, if they decide to, hormone therapy to either suppress puberty (allowing them more time to think about their path forward) or start their transition from one sex to another. When they get older, they might undergo gender-affirming surgery.

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