Fenugreek and Testosterone: Big Claims, No Results



Fenugreek (trigonella foenum-graecum) is a standard herb that originates from the Indian natural medication; Ayurveda. Its claimed use is to boost masculinity and libido.

The seed powder and seed extracts of the fenugreek plant are generally utilized in varied testosterone boosters, and some producers declare that it could be the one simplest pure compound to lift male testosterone ranges, muscular positive factors, bed room efficiency, and so on.

But is fenugreek actually as efficient of a take a look at boosters the entrepreneurs declare it to be? Let’s have a better look.

Fenugreek, Testosterone, DHT, and Prolactin

fenugreek supplements to increase testosterone productionMost folks suppose that fenugreek is simply used as an ingredient to normalize and improve male testosterone ranges.

This isn’t the case. Since fenugreek additionally accommodates galactagogues which have the distinctive skill to extend prolactin ranges, which is why fenugreek can be marketed to girls to extend their lactation throughout pregnancy1,2.

Although males taking fenugreek received’t possible start producing milk, it’s nonetheless very a lot possible that supplementing with the herb can result in elevated prolactin, which is considerably detrimental for testosterone manufacturing by way of inhibition of dopamine3. For apparent causes, the T-booster producers utilizing fenugreek are fairly silent concerning the concern.

Prolactin apart, does fenugreek really improve testosterone ranges as claimed?

The reply is possibly, however possible not. You see, preliminary research (sponsored by fenugreek producer) confirmed very promising outcomes, as fenugreek supplementation elevated testosterone ranges and improved physique composition in resistance skilled males4. Since the herb has compounds reminiscent of apigenin, luteolin, protodioscin, magnesium, and calcium – all of which can contribute to increased testosterone production – it was all however believable that fenugreek would change into the subsequent huge factor within the complement trade (and it actually did).

The factor is that fenugreek extracts haven’t all the time carried out this nicely on scientific research. Although in rodents, the extract elevated muscle development, it did not have any affect on circulating testosterone ranges5. In an effort to duplicate the primary human research sponsored by Indus Biotech, Bushey et al. discovered that of their trial, fenugreek didn’t improve both free or whole testosterone ranges, but it surely ended up decreasing DHT on account of 5-a reductase inhibitory impact6. Lastly, a research utilizing 600mg/day of fenugreek extract referred to as “Testofen” on healthy male topics, failed to indicate any will increase in testosterone ranges7.

Fenugreek can have some anti-thyroid results, because it was discovered to disrupt the traditional rise in thyroid hormones in rodents administered T3 and T48, this impact was possible on account of a compound referred to as trypsin, which might inhibit protein digestion and thryoid hormone transportation within the physique.

So what we now have here’s a herb that possible doesn’t do something to testosterone ranges, could barely enhance physique composition, has anti-thyroid results, could improve prolactin ranges, and disrupts DHT synthesis. This isn’t one thing most males in search of anabolic androgenic advantages would need. Yet fenugreek continues to be some of the used components in test-boosters and no one appears to thoughts it.


Would I like to recommend fenugreek? No.

This herb has too many trade sponsored research which have sketchy use of placebo and management teams, and their findings usually are not replicable. The possible will increase in prolactin and 5-a reductase inhibition are additionally one thing that you do not need to see from a herb that’s bought primarily for male hormonal health.

Fenugreek belongs to the identical forged as tribulus, with the distinction that fenugreek at the very least has some probability of positively impacting physique composition (though even these findings had been discovered with co-administration of creatine), whereas tribulus does absolutely nothing. regardless, they’re each one thing no firm must be placing of their dietary supplements.



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