Fadogia Agrestis and Testosterone: Toxic Hype


 One of the widespread components in lots of common multi-ingredient testosterone dietary supplements is a herb by the identify of Fadogia agrestis.

It’s among the many main components in a few of the Amazon.com’s hottest take a look at boosters like HCGenerate and Sheer Testosterone (don’t belief the scores on both one, they’re principally faux), which signifies that loads of guys have emailed me concerning the impact of the components (together with fadogia).

In reality, the opposite one of many above corporations even emailed me and requested for us to advertise their merchandise on our web site.

I’ve chosen to not, with the largest purpose being that their formulations suck, with large emphasis on ineffective and presumably dangerous stuff like fenugreek, DAA, tribulus, and fadogia afrestis (which I don’t advocate, regardless that I’m conscious it has considerably elevated testosterone on rodents).

This is the true reality about fadogia agrestis.

Fadogia and Testosterone Production

fadogia supplementFadogia agrestis is a plant that cultivates within the tropical Africa.

It has solely restricted quantity of analysis, and even the energetic components stay unknown (though it’s recognized to include saponins and alkaloids).

Fadogia has been researched on three completely different events by the identical group of researchers in Nigeria (Yakubu et al.) for the crops purpoted testosterone boosting results.

But even in these research, all of the proof comes from animal mannequin, as within the type of male rats.

The first examine was carried out in 2005 and the outcomes had been revealed within the Asian Journal of Andrology1. In their trial, Yakubu et al. administered various dosages (18mg/kg, 50mg/kg, and 100mg/kg) of water extracted fadogia to male albino rats. What they discovered was that dose-dependently fadogia elevated mounting frequency, ejaculation latency, and serum testosterone ranges. The researchers theorized this to be as a result of herbs saponin content material.

fadogia agrestis testosterone study

You can anticipate that outcomes like this trigger hype within the complement trade, and they definitely did with fadogia too. Even until today, you will note this examine generously cited on the bottles or web sites of the businesses that promote T-boosters with fadogia agrestis as ingredient. However, these following two research will likely be onerous pressed to be discovered wherever…

…In 2008, Yakubu et al. ran one other examine with fadogia2, and discovered that it was extremely poisonous to the testicles and liver on the above dosages 50mg/kg and 100mg/kg, the one dose that confirmed solely “transistient toxicity” was the 18mg/kg dosage, however as you possibly can see from the graph above, that’s additionally the dosage that barely elevated T on day three of the preliminary examine, however then precipitated serum testosterone ranges to truly dip under the baseline on day 5.

In 2009, Yakubu et al. ran third examine with rodents adminestered with fadogia (once more utilizing the identical three dosages), this time they discovered that fadogia adminsteration dose-dependently elevated lipid peroxidation in varied bodily glands3. As you may already know, lipid peroxidation is the method the place polyunsaturated fatty-acids within the tissue turn into rancid and create free-radicals, aka. the stuff that we want antioxidants for.

This means that over-time not solely is fadogia immediately poisonous to the testicular cells, it additionally negatively impacts testicle, liver, and kidney perform by way of peroxidation of unsaturated fat within the goal organs.

Conclusion on Fadogia Agrestis

Does fadogia improve testosterone? Unlikely, though the preliminary rodent examine appeared to point that.

It should be famous that it was a) rodent examine b) short-term examine

Since fadogia will increase testicular toxicity and lipid peroxidation, I’m skeptical of it having any hormonal advantages. In reality, I consider that in people (and rodents) long-term impact of fadogia could be decreased – not elevated – testosterone manufacturing.

This is nice instance of why I despise nearly all of complement corporations formulating these flashy multi-ingredient T-boosters. They usually haven’t any clue of the particular analysis behind the components they use and hype up.



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