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A latest examine printed in The Journal of Urology finds that biking does not hurt a person’s sexual or urinary health. The new discovering is the alternative of what earlier analysis indicated.

This new analysis studied male cyclists, swimmers, and runners to check what unfavorable impression, if any, the actions had on every group’s sexual and urinary health.

Cyclists had been requested particulars about how they rode their bikes. The examine discovered that biking, even at a excessive depth, does not have an effect on erectile operate or trigger urination difficulties, and that the constructive advantages of the exercise significantly outweigh any downsides.

Key Takeaways:

  • Media attention that has galvanized the notion that erectile dysfunction and biking are interconnected has confirmed to be exaggerated.
  • The largest comparative examine, concerning biking and urinary/sexual operate thus far;it was carried out by means of the University if California.
  • The examine was multinational and made use of information culled from three athletic populations, swimmers cyclists, and runners.

“In addition to the comparisons between similar athletic activities with and without perineal pressure, the researchers examined how cycling intensity, bicycle configuration, and even road conditions might impact sexual and urinary functions.”

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