Cordyceps and Testosterone: The Killer Fungi


Cordyceps has gained fairly some reputation previously few years, largely due to few fellow Finnish guys (Four Sigmatic) who’re being very revolutionary with instantized medicinal mushroom drinks.

There are some cool advantages – principally round immune system perform, cognitive features, and antioxidant capability – that may be attained by consuming mushrooms like Reishi, Lion’s mane, and Chaga. Cordyceps alternatively is seen as extra of a “sport mushroom”, because it’s claimed to extend VO2 max, endurance, and even testosterone ranges. I’ve even seen it being referred to as a pure efficiency enhancing drug too (as if that was a factor to start with).

So what’s the take care of this “performance enhancer fungi”, and does it even elevate testosterone ranges? Let’s discover out.

Cordyceps and Testosterone

cordyceps and testosterone levelsBefore we get into the analysis, let’s take a look at what actually is cordyceps, and why within the World is it referred to as “killer fungi”.

Cordyceps, is a blanket time period for a genus of mushrooms that holds in roughly 400 completely different species. The most typical (and the one utilized in most dietary supplements) known as cordyceps sinensis.

Another one that may be present in some dietary supplements known as cordyceps militaris.

The nickname “killer fungi”, comes from the truth that on the market within the nature, cordyceps grows in a fairly loopy method. The spores make their method into bugs via air or different bugs and then utterly assaults the hosts physique by invading all the bugs tissue. Remarkably, the fungi additionally controls the insect earlier than it dies, making it to often climb upwards and clench right into a department or one thing to permit optimum rising surroundings for the mushroom.

After that, effectively, simply watch the video beneath:

Don’t fear, in the event you’ve already used some cordyceps, you gained’t be zombified. In truth, every of the 400 species of cordyceps specializes on their very own host bugs to make use of as vessels of development.

In people – as seen with many sorts of mushrooms – supplementing with cordyceps has been proven to powerfully stimulate the immune system. This is because of the fruiting physique of the fungi containing distinctive polysaccharides that upregulate varied immune system cells and cut back oxidative injury within the physique1–4.

When it involves the proclaimed sports activities efficiency enhancing impact, cordyceps has been considerably of a supplemental non-starter, with solely animal research displaying diminished fatigue and stress5, and one human examine displaying small will increase in lactate threshold. Other than that, it has been proven to not enhance VO2 max or cardio efficiency in people6,7.

When it involves hormones, there’s loads of cell tradition and animal analysis inspecting the mushrooms impact.

Preliminary cell tradition research have truly proven that cordyceps can inhibit testosterone manufacturing in leydig cells stimulated with cAMP and HcG, by suppressing the pure conversion of ldl cholesterol into pregnonelone (which is required as “raw material” for testosterone synthesis)8.

However, in different research (with remoted testicular cells NOT already stimulated with cAMP and HcG), researchers have seen that cordyceps elevated the discharge of testosterone from the leydig cells9,10. When orally administered to rodents, cordyceps has additionally proven to dose-dependently improve testosterone ranges11,12, however then once more on different research it has did not have any impact on hormones when added to the rodents feed13.

When immediately injected to the rodents, cordyceps led to an enormous 280% improve in testosterone ranges by stimulating StAR (steroid acute regulatory protein) in testicles13. StAR works by shuttling ldl cholesterol into the inside membrane of the leydig cells via a mechanism that’s at present unknown to the researchers. In any case, StAR is a rate-limiting step in testosterone synthesis, and if a compound can improve StAR, it’s nearly assured to improve testosterone manufacturing too.

cordyceps testosterone studyThe undeniable fact that cordyceps additionally will increase sperm content material and high quality with out affecting the pituiary hormones; LH & FSH12, means that if it will increase testosterone, it probably does this with direct testicular stimulation, as defined above, in all probability via growing StAR.


Cordyceps is potent immune system booster, however doesn’t actually ship on its efficiency enhancing claims.

When it involves testosterone, there aren’t any human research, however not less than in keeping with the cell tradition and animal research, there’s a mechanism for it to stimulate testosterone manufacturing (StAR). However, the truth that it must be injected for vital modifications, means that it has low bio-availibity within the physique when consumed orally and would possibly as effectively do nothing if it doesn’t attain its goal.

I sometimes drink the instant cordyceps hot drink from Four Sigmatic (affiliate link). The style is totally wonderful and I really feel prefer it delivers some cognitive advantages. However their method makes use of licorice and mint for style, and since both of these can suppress testosterone production, I’m hesitant to advocate it to anybody who needs to maximise their hormonal health.

If you need to experiment with cordyceps that has no mint or licorice in it, get the Host Defense Mushrooms brand (affiliate link).



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