Clarence Kennedy Smokes Three 215kg (474 lb) Clean Singles


It’s been some time since we’ve written about Irish weightlifter Clarence Kennedy crushing large weight. In reality, it’s been over a number of months, and the final time we featured Kennedy was again in January when he smoked this 290kg (640 lb) pause back squat.

Thankfully for us and all the Kennedy followers on the market, it seems he hasn’t skipped a beat in his training. In his newest video, Kennedy hits three 215kg (474 lb) clear singles, which isn’t too far off his all-time private finest clear. What’s most spectacular in regards to the video isn’t even essentially the weight on this case (solely 10kg shy of his finest), however how briskly Kennedy strikes with every rep and the short get up.

Check out Kennedy’s clear singles beneath.

Now you could be pondering, “With how easy that weight moved, what’s Kennedy’s best clean and clean & Jerk?”

For the clear & Jerk, Kennedy told us back in February of 2017 that his finest raise has been 220kg (485 lbs), and for the clear 225kg (496 lbs). As acknowledged above, these singles are solely 10kg off Kennedy’s finest — which sure we perceive is an enormous margin at maximal weights — however may we be seeing a brand new clear PR in 2018?

Back in late January, we acquired the prospect to sit down down with Kennedy and speak about a number of gentle subjects at an occasion. We shared the interview in an Instagram put up that highlighted Kennedy deadlifting 320kg (705 lbs). If you missed it, take a look at the video and the questions beneath.

  • BarBend: What’s your favourite pre-workout meal?
  • Kennedy: Very excessive carb meals like pancakes, pasta, and rice.
  • BarBend: Do you dislike something about weightlifting?
  • Kennedy: The approach anti-doping is run.
  • BarBend: What are two stuff you’d tackle a abandoned island with you?
  • Kennedy: Squat rack & weights.

Hopefully with this newest clear video, we’ll be seeing extra weightlifting targeted content material from Kennedy within the close to future, particularly at this weight.

Feature picture from @clarencekennedy_ Instagram web page. 



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