Can Ayurveda practices really improve digestion?


Can Ayurveda practices really improve digestion?Ayurveda is without doubt one of the oldest medical approaches on the planet, with roots on the Indian continent. Today, it’s practiced all around the world, being appreciated for the quite a few advantages it has to supply for normal health. The observe of Ayurveda may also help us take care of the digestive issues attributable to the fashionable weight loss program, akin to bloating, constipation and heartburn.

What issues is that we resort to such practices with a view to deliver steadiness again to the physique and, thus, improve our well-being. Keep on studying and uncover extra info on the connection between working towards Ayurveda and enhancing your digestion.

What is Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda, there are three elemental substances within the physique, referred to as humors or dosas (Sanskrit). These are represented by wind (vāta), bile (pitta) and phlegm (kapha). In order to keep up a wonderful state of health, equality of the dosas is required. When inequality is present, illness happens.

The system of medication encourages the concept of steadiness, contemplating that it’s not healthy to suppress one’s pure urges and that such actions usually result in sickness. It can also be based mostly on the concept that there’s a robust connection between the bodily, psychological and persona dimensions, every one with the capability to affect the others.

The holistic method promotes the idea that vitality will be attained by sustaining a great digestion and constructing a healthy metabolic system. From a distinction perspective, Ayurvedic practices can improve digestion and normal well-being.

Life steadiness and a healthy weight loss program symbolize two of essentially the most important ideas proposed by Ayurveda. Certain elements disturb the steadiness of the physique, inflicting each bodily and emotional stress. Interestingly sufficient, our weight loss program and the food decisions that we make falls inside that class.


The Sanskrit phrase “agni” means hearth, representing one of many important ideas of the Ayurvedic custom. It is the supply of life and, upon it being impaired, imbalances and ailments happen. Agni additionally refers back to the digestive hearth, being accountable for the coordination of digestion as a course of (in addition to absorption and assimilation of food). The food that we eat is an providing to agni, which demonstrates the connection between digestive health and the observe of Ayurveda.

Root causes of digestive issues

The food that we eat ought to present us with vitality. However, by making poor food decisions, we find yourself feeling sluggish. The trendy weight loss program, usually based mostly on excessively refined meals, sugar and different substances with inflammatory properties, has a unfavorable impact on the digestive hearth.

When toxins accumulate in extra, signs of digestive issues start to seem. Heartburn, constipation, flatulence and bloating are simply few of the indicators that our weight loss program isn’t what it ought to be.

Apart from the precise food decisions, we also needs to pay attention to our dietary habits. We have turn into used to eating on the run, with out our food or giving our digestive tract the correct time to undergo its regular processes. Ayurveda encourages a return to easy eating, serving to you get to the foundation causes of digestive issues and work on them, one after the other.

It is vital to concentrate on the truth that not all meals are good for the physique. By eating the unsuitable meals frequently, you’ll find yourself disrupting the health of the intestine flora and endure from digestive complaints. Extreme feelings throughout a meal, akin to anxiousness and stress, could make issues worse, in addition to eating proper earlier than going to mattress or having irregular eating habits.

Ayurveda practices to improve digestion

When we try for good digestion, we’re additionally assured that we will keep the very best state of health and normal well-being. Ayurveda teaches us to comply with numerous steps with a view to improve digestion and really feel higher total.


If you need to improve your digestion, it’s important to surrender the fashionable weight loss program and every part it entails (refined & processed meals, sugar, components, preservatives, and so on.). Instead, you must go for recent food, with substances which might be extremely nutritious and appetizing.

A balanced diet ought to embrace meals that include all six tastes: candy, bitter, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent. You can arrange a listing of meals which have a predominant style and mix them in your meals accordingly. For instance, in the case of candy, you may go for milk, pumpkin or rice.

The bitter taste is attribute for citrus fruits, whereas salty will be simply obtained with soy sauce or olives. Spices give the pungent style, whereas darkish greens and dandelions can supply a bitter taste. Last, however not least, cranberries, pomegranates and unripe bananas are excellent for the astringent style.

The fundamental concept is that each one meals – greens, fruits, grains, nuts, and so on. – have a selected style. Some have a mixture of all these tastes. What issues is that you just put together meals that embrace the six tastes, whereas providing a rainbow of colours on the similar time.

While uncooked food is really helpful due to its wealthy content material in helpful nutritional vitamins and minerals, its extra consumption can do extra hurt than good. Heavy meals, in addition to these which might be fried ought to be excluded from the weight loss program. You also needs to pay shut attention to the food mixtures you make. For instance, you must by no means eat bread with potatoes, or potatoes with meat, as you’ll have a tough time digesting each.

Key factors:

● Return to a easy weight loss program, with recent food

● Balance weight loss program to cowl all six tastes (candy, bitter, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent)

● Moderate consumption of uncooked food

● No heavy or fried meals

● Attention to food mixtures.

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Dietary habits

Ayurveda teaches us about moderation and the return to more healthy eating habits. You ought to at all times keep away from eating heavy meals within the evenings, as this may place an additional pressure on the digestive system. Cold drinks and meals are to not be consumed, as this will have a unfavorable affect on the health of the gastrointestinal tract.

It is really helpful to eat solely when you’re hungry, and calmly in case you are feeling very confused or emotional. The extra you give attention to these intense emotions, the much less attention you’ll pay to the food you might be eating. This may cause you to decide on the unsuitable meals, eating compulsively and in giant portions. Poor digestion and dissatisfaction are extremely more likely to comply with. The neatest thing you are able to do is wait till you’re feeling higher, earlier than eating your meals.

Breathing exercises may also help you take care of unfavorable feelings and calm your self in an environment friendly method. Deep respiration, with practiced inhaling and exhaling, will be helpful in overcoming such emotions. Enjoy your meals solely after you’re feeling calm, relaxed and at peace.

While eating, you must eat fluids, following your wants (small sips are really helpful). It is for the perfect to arrange a meal schedule and comply with it every single day, making an attempt to keep up the identical meal hours. Take time to correctly chew your food, savoring the mix of flavors. The similar goes for any beverage which may accompany your meals.

Chewing is how the entire digestion course of begins. In contact with the food, the salivary glands produce the primary digestive enzymes. The longer you’ll chew your food, the better will probably be for the abdomen to digest the food. This can even give the mind the sign that you’re full, stopping you from extra eating. Do not be in a rush to swallow your food, as this may solely drive the abdomen to spend an extended time frame digesting.

As any Ayurvedic practitioner will inform you, if you wish to improve your digestion, it’s important to be present when eating. Food is commonly shared, the corporate making the eating expertise much more thrilling. When sharing a meal, don’t be in a rush and sit down, having fun with your self and the presence of others. You also can start your meals with grace or by stating the explanations for which you might be grateful (for instance, for the food present in entrance of you).

Moderation is a key idea within the observe of Ayurveda, together with in the case of sustaining a healthy digestion. No matter how hungry you might be, you must by no means eat till you might be able to burst. The concept is to stand up from the desk when you are nonetheless hungry. You also can take into account taking a brief stroll after every meal, as this may facilitate the digestion course of.

For correct digestion, it’s advisable that you must eat each 4 to 6 hours. Snacks aren’t really helpful, as these can place an extra burden on the digestive system. The largest meal ought to be eaten for lunch, when the solar is up within the sky.

All meals ought to be eaten when you are relaxed, ideally in an atmosphere that’s soothing. Avoid watching tv or utilizing the pc whereas eating. Instead, focus on the style and taste of your food, paying attention to textures and colours. Be grateful in your meals and luxuriate in each chunk. For breakfast and dinner, you must eat much less, as smaller portions of food can be simpler to digest.

In phrases of drinks, you must take into account consuming heat water, in addition to ginger tea. Keep in thoughts that chilly drinks can stop the correct digestion course of. On the opposite hand, by consuming heat water or ginger tea all through the day, you’ll really stimulate digestion and enhance the digestive fire (agni). You can drink a number of cups of tea per day, taking your time to get pleasure from every cup.

Key factors:

● Eat moderately and by no means in a rush

● Sit down whereas eating and benefit from the food, in addition to the presence of others

● Light meals within the night

● Same meal schedule every single day

● Between 4 – 6 hours between meals, no snacks

● No chilly drinks; as a substitute – heat water & ginger tea

● Begin every meal with grace/expressing your gratitude

● Do not eat till you might be full

● Short walks after every meal can do wonders for the digestion.

Food cravings vs. moral eating

The trendy weight loss program is one which encourages food cravings, rising the chance for weight problems and subsequent health issues. Emotional eating is commonly encountered, with dietary habits being pushed by unfavorable feelings, in addition to anxiousness, disappointment and anger. We turn into accustomed to patterns of eating, with out being conscious that these are damaging for the digestion and normal health.

Ayurveda is predicated on the precept of ethical eating, with meals which might be nutritious and suited to the calls for of healthy dwelling. You are really helpful to eat vegetables and fruit which might be recent and in season, to prepare dinner your individual meals and use spices, in addition to pickles to stimulate the digestion.


Ayurvedic practitioners usually advocate the utilization of spices to keep up a healthy digestion. You can use turmeric, the golden spice, to stimulate the digestion and forestall irritation. Ginger can scale back extra mucus, whereas fennel is a wonderful treatment for bloating and flatulence. Fenugreek can scale back intestine irritation, serving to with the elimination of dangerous toxins. Other really helpful spices embrace: coriander, mustard, cinnamon and cayenne.

Additional practices

Ayurvedic practices are helpful for enhancing your health, together with in the case of the one of many gastrointestinal tract. The most vital factor is that you’re dedicated to creating a change, giving all of those practices a attempt.

Tongue scraping

If you need to take away the toxins amassed on the floor of your tongue, that is the perfect observe to check out. Why is it vital? Well, the buildup of micro organism, in addition to plaque on the tongue can stop you from correctly tasting the food. When you might be unable to style the food, it’s extremely possible you’ll use extra salt and sugar. Such dietary habits favor extra eating, having a unfavorable influence on digestion and the metabolism on the whole.

What you need to do is take a tongue scraper and use it to scrape your tongue, beginning on the again and going in the direction of the tip. The course of ought to be repeated a number of occasions, till the tongue is totally clear.


Also referred to as basti, this Ayurvedic observe is commonly carried out with natural oils and it serves the aim of eliminating dangerous toxins from the intestinal system. The natural oil enema is a part of Ayurvedic cleaning applications and it gives constructive leads to a brief time frame. Keep in thoughts that the buildup of poisons can impair intestine health, resulting in further health issues.


Can Ayurveda practices really improve digestion? The reply is sure! As you might have seen, Ayurveda teaches us to return to healthy eating, saying no to lots of the meals which might be a part of the fashionable weight loss program.

We are taught to eat and recognize each meal, to pay attention to textures and colours. Fresh food is really helpful, in addition to heat water and tea. We have to pay attention to aware eating, taking the mandatory period of time to chew the food. Last, however not least, the observe of Ayurveda encourages moral eating, with attention to the atmosphere and the meal preparation.

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