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The Sultan of the Step-over’s skill is highlighted by his athletic build. Elevate your game and upgrade your physique with this Ronaldo-inspired training regimen!

On the wings of his magnificent quads, Cristiano Ronaldo came to me in a dream. He challenged me to a battle of football – one v. one soccer can happen in dreams – to see if I had what it takes to make the Portuguese national team for the World Cup.

(In my dreams, you don’t have to be Portuguese, or a man, to play for the team.)

As our game ensued, Ronaldo was immediately appalled at my lack of sufficient athletic ability.

He insisted that my strength, endurance and power were woefully below where they should be. He sat me down and demonstrated a training program that would bring me up to par.

Sure, I wanted nothing more than to sit back and admire his skill (and chest), but he insisted that I get off my butt and train.

Foot Fight

CR7’s body is leaner and more athletic than a bodybuilder or fitness model, but it’s still worth admiring and aspiring to. He works hard for it; so hard, in fact, that I woke up from my dream feeling badly for spending so much time sleeping while he was training to be a champ. His training emphasizes explosion, endurance, speed, strength and functional movement alongside his many hours of footwork and team practices.

While most of us can’t hope to come close to his skill level, we may still find his training routine helpful in pursuit of our fitness or athletic goals. True, your chest and triceps won’t get to Hulk-status with this workout routine, but Hulk-status isn’t always necessary. I’m not sure anyone cares that Ronaldo’s arms aren’t comparable to Arnold’s.

His Training Emphasizes Explosion Endurance, Speed, Strength And Functional Movement.

This training routine focuses on power, explosion and speed. Use it to enhance your physique or combine it with agility training, footwork, stretching and team practices to up your game to baller status.



1 set, 10 reps (At least 20″)


1 set, 8 reps (Also called Broad Jump)


1 set, 8 reps (each leg) (Also called Jumping Lunge)


1 set, 10 reps (each leg)




8 sets, 200 meter sprints


10 sets, 2 min (1 minute on, 1 minute rest)



10 sets, 50 meter sprints

Every position on the pitch requires different skills, but being a strong, powerful athlete can be universally applied.


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