Boost Your New Year Health With Olive Oil

Boost Your New Year Health With Olive Oil

At this time of year thousands of people will be committing to the New Year’s resolution of “eating healthy”.  If you are one of those people then you need to make sure your New Year diet contains the right foods.  In this article I will be discussing one food that should definitely be part of your diet – olive oil.

What Makes Olive Oil So Healthy?

Olive oil is one of the world’s healthiest foods.  The reason for this is down to an impressive combination of two key health boosting nutrients that can be found in olive oil – monounsaturated fats and tyrosol esters.

Monounsaturated fats have a long list of health benefits.  They improve blood cholesterol levels (which lowers your heart disease risk), improve blood glucose levels (which assists in the treatment of diabetes), protect against cancer and much more.

Tyrosol esters also have a number of impressive health benefits.  They protect against a variety of diseases and infections, support your vital organs, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system and much more.

Keep An Eye On Olive Oil’s Calories

Despite being one of the healthiest foods around, olive oil is pure fat so you need to moderate your consumption. One tablespoon contains 119 calories so adding just a few tablespoons to your cooking can really bump up the caloric content of your meal.

How Can You Eat The Right Amount Of Olive Oil?

To add some olive oil to your diet without going overboard try these serving suggestions below:

1) Drizzle One Tablespoon Of Olive Oil Over Your Salad:- If you are having a salad, pour some olive oil into a tablespoon then drizzle it on top.  This will make your salad slide down your throat a lot easier and also add some powerful benefits..

2) Dress Your Meats With One Tablespoon Of Olive Oil:- Most meats on their own lack flavour and moisture.  This can easily be remedied by dressing the meat with a tablespoon of olive oil before cooking.

3) Add One Table Of Olive Oil To Your Cooking:- If you are cooking a curry, casserole or any other hot dish for your dinner, try adding a tablespoon of olive oil.  This will give you access to the health boosting nutrients in olive oil without changing the taste or texture of your dish too much.


You only have to look at the statistics behind the Mediterranean diet to see just how healthy olive oil is.  So if you want to eat healthy in the New Year make sure olive oil is one of the foods in your new, improved diet.  If you use the information in this article you can ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of olive oil without adding too many calories in the process.
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