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According to one of many UK’s largest bakers, Britain’s urge for food for sliced bread is waning. Thanks to rising tendencies for low-carb and gluten-free choices, the attraction of the common-or-garden sandwich is diminishing. Thankfully, although, you’ll be able to nonetheless money in on the facility of the flour with out resorting to boring excessive avenue sarnies. Here’s how.


After years of listening to the identical previous sermon, the bread-as-evil doctrine has gone stale. As it occurs, there are myriad methods to brighten up your weight loss plan with leavened love and never face up to some including additional padding to the breadbasket above your belt buckle. “When you combine organic flour with quality yeast you get a great, nutritious product,” says Michelin-starred chef Keith Goddard. By turning your kitchen right into a boulangerie, you not solely keep away from the preservatives lurking in grocery store loaves, you additionally stand to realize sufficient advantages to pack a foot-lengthy, from probiotics for higher digestion to illness-combating polyphenols.

Want a slice of the motion? Here’s get on a roll with out touching an oven mitt.

i) Rye
This dense, nutty bread is decrease in gluten than your common wheat loaf. Plus, Swedish scientists discovered that rye is each extra satiating and fewer fattening, packing 4-occasions the fibre with 20% fewer energy.

ii) Sourdough
The 26.2-miler of bread-making, this loaf requires a level of dedication. But its prolonged fermentation course of, packing in a number of healthy micro organism, makes sourdough nice for digestion – in addition to profitable you high baker’s props.

iii) Soda
Going Irish is a simple improve: this bread is fast to prep (“You don’t even have to knead it,” says Goddard) and, not like its demonized namesake, requires no added sugar. It’s additionally lighter than rye with a clear flavour.

iv) Gluten-free
Whether you’re formally illiberal or only a sucker for hipster tendencies, gluten-free blends are available in all styles and sizes. Heavier, extra fibrous flours akin to brown rice are sometimes balanced out with fluffy potato starch.

Earn Your Crust

Look additional than the primary bag of Homepride you see within the grocery store. Artisan producers have been making flour for hundreds of years and, as Goddard says, “Better raw materials make for a better product.” He recommends purchasing round – beginning with French and Italian suppliers – and shopping for natural for improved flavour. And if it’s positive factors you need out of your grains, a 2014 Food Chemistry overview discovered that proteins in natural flours are extra digestible. Always retailer your flour someplace dry in an hermetic container; wholegrains spoil extra shortly.

If you’re a baking novice, a bread machine will produce a top quality product with out the fuss. We like Panasonic’s Breadmaker, which has settings for rye and sourdough, plus a scratchproof diamond fluoro-coated pan and blades, so it gained’t get battered. Each of the recipes beneath might be made in a breadmaker. As a common rule, you need to add the liquids first, then the dry elements. Don’t let the yeast contact the salt.

Once you’re performed, retailer your loaf in a bread bin. Don’t wrap it in clingfilm or put it within the fridge, as this accelerates the speed at which its starches recrystalise (translation: it’ll get stale sooner). If you don’t handle to slice your approach by means of the entire loaf in a day or two, you’ll be able to resurrect stale bread by brushing it with water and baking it in a preheated 180°C oven for 3 minutes.

i) Carb-loader’s soda

• Plain wholemeal flour, 250g
• Plain white flour, 250g
• Bicarbonate of soda, 1tsp
• Salt, 1tsp
• Buttermilk, 420ml
• Sultanas, 1 cup
• Rosemary, 2 sprigs

You may simply whack this lot within the machine (use the ‘quick’ perform) – however soda bread is easy sufficient to fulfill even the laziest of cooks. Simply combine in a bowl and rating your dough throughout the highest. Bake at 200°C for 30 minutes. “A bread machine can’t get the same crust; for that you need hot air,” says Goddard. Sultanas present potassium and sugars for sooner restoration put up-sweat session.

image of bread

ii) Gluten-free flax loaf

• Warm milk, 1⅔ cups
• Eggs, 3 massive, crushed
• Cider vinegar, 1tbsp
• Vegetable oil, 3tbsp
• Honey, 3tbsp
• Rice flour, 1½ cups
• Potato starch, 2⅓ cups
• Whole flaxseeds, ⅓ cup
• Xanthan gum, 1tbsp
• Instant yeast, 1tbsp
• Salt, 1½ tsp

“Brown rice gives a nuttiness to the bread, as well as plenty of fibre,” says Goddard. Don’t be intimidated by xanthan gum: it’s a pure ingredient produced by fermenting sugar and makes up for the shortage of gluten, which is what offers bread its elasticity. Use your machine’s gluten-free or primary setting. “This loaf would go nicely with some smoked salmon and cream cheese,” suggests Goddard.

iii) Low-GI malt rye

• Water, 400ml
• Malt extract, 2tsp
• Raw honey, 2tsp
• Extra-virgin olive oil, 2-3tbsp
• Rye flour, 200g
• Wholemeal flour, 150g
• Unbleached robust white flour, 150g
• Dried yeast, 2½tsp
• Salt, 2tsp

Tip every little thing into the breadmaker within the order urged, and use the rye setting, in case your machine has one; the essential cycle, if not. This recipe is sweetened with malt and honey, as a substitute of desk sugar, so it’ll have a gentler influence in your blood glucose. “Rye pairs best with powerful food,” says Goddard. “Cheddar would be good, as would some smoked meat or mackerel – things with a bit of depth.”

iv) Lean machine sourdough

For the starter:
• Active dry yeast, 2¼tsp
• Wholemeal flour, 3 cups
• Sugar, 1tbsp
For your loaf:
• Lukewarm water, ¾ cup
• Vegetable oil, 2tbsp
• Starter (above), 1 cup
• Salt, 1½tsp
• Sugar, 1tbsp
• Wholegrain flour, 3 cups
• Active dry yeast, 2¼tsp

First, make the starter: dissolve the yeast in 2 cups of heat water, then add flour and sugar. Let it ferment for 4 days (like we mentioned: marathon bread – although you’ll be able to think about this a sly shortcut). Add to the machine with the opposite elements. “Eat with a bit of rapeseed oil,” says Goddard. “The flavour is so light and interesting, you don’t want to mask it.” Though if bacon beckons, who’re we to argue?


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