Are the spots on your penis really dangerous?


Men are sometimes very frightened after they discover spots on their penises. The excellent news is penile spots will not be often an indication of something very severe. But it’s almost all the time value exhibiting the spots to your GP, or to a health care provider at a genitourinary drugs (GUM) clinic.

It’s comprehensible that males may be very involved in the event that they discover penile spots. They’re steadily frightened that they might have some type of most cancers. In reality, spots are nearly by no means an indication of most cancers of the penis. Men additionally get alarmed about the typically slightly disagreeable bodily look of a noticed dick, and what their sexual associate or companions may consider it.

Where may I search medical assist?

If you are involved a few spot (or spots) on your penis, you would go to your GP or get a confidential opinion from your native GUM clinic, typically now known as a ‘sexual health clinic’. The consultants there are the actual consultants in issues of the intercourse organs. Please do not feel embarrassed about going to see them as a result of they’re used to the sort of downside.

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The common GUM specialist examines at the very least a dozen penises daily, so yours is nothing new to her or him. You do not want a referral letter from your GP, nevertheless it’s advisable to first phone the clinic to be able to discover out when they’re open, and whether or not you want an appointment.

Go to the Family Planning Association web site and navigate your approach to ‘STD clinics’. Then sort in your postcode – and you will be given particulars of the nearest clinics to you.

Very frequent penis spots

Fordyce spots: These are tiny white or yellowish spots, discovered on the head of the penis or the shaft. If your pores and skin is brown or black, they might look extra distinguished. They are regular.

They’re minute sebaceous glands and are simply a part of the pure construction of many penises. Fordyce spots will not be sexually transmitted and so they do not do any hurt.

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Pearly papules:  They are very small bumps, the identical color as your pores and skin, however with a pearly look. They often seem round the glans (head) of the penis in a row. Again, they aren’t sexually transmitted, and so they do not want any remedy. But should you really need them eliminated for beauty causes, that is typically potential.

Hair follicles: As you already know, just about all males have fairly just a few hairs rising round the base of the penis. And typically the hairs prolong far up the underside of the organ.

Human hairs develop out of a tiny ‘pit’, which is known as a ‘follicle’. And very steadily, the follicles on the penis could also be fairly distinguished. This is nothing to fret about and no remedy is required.

Septic spots: Obviously, individuals do typically get pimples, or ‘septic spots’ on their faces and on different elements of the physique. They’re notably frequent in younger adults. Sometimes a small pimple seems on the penis. This will not be a severe matter and no remedy is required.

Do not squeeze the spot, nonetheless, as a result of you could unfold an infection. Don’t have intercourse with anybody ‘until it is utterly gone. However, if one thing that you simply assume is a pimple hasn’t gone away inside per week, ask a health care provider to test it out.

Genital warts: In distinction, genital warts do want remedy. And they’re transmitted by sexual contact. They are pink, brown, ivory-coloured or black, relying on your pores and skin.


The attribute look is of a ‘wobbly’ projection – a bit like a tiny strand of seaweed. Occasionally, they develop out of the opening at the tip of the organ. They are brought on by certainly one of the human papilloma viruses (HPV), which like residing in heat, moist elements of the human physique. Genital warts are simply handed on throughout vaginal, oral or anal intercourse.

Most genital warts are handled at GUM clinics, although some individuals unwisely strive self-treatment. It is strongly advisable that you simply go to a GUM clinic should you suspect you might have genital warts, partly to guarantee that your analysis is right. Treatment is both by software of particular paints or lotions, or else by eradicating the wart altogether – as an illustration with an electrical probe or laser. This is just about painless however don’t have intercourse till the physician says that you’re utterly cured.

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Molluscum contagiosum: Molluscum produces tiny, dome-shaped, pearly lumps on the pores and skin. These spots are pink or brown and so they often have just a little dimple on high. If they’re squeezed, just a little cheesy-looking materials comes out from underneath this dimple.

Molloscum contagiosum is brought on by a virus that’s transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. For this cause, a number of youngsters develop the spots, typically on their chests or sides, after taking part in with different youngsters. But in youngsters and adults, molluscum is commonly caught by being in mattress with somebody. The spots could possibly be anyplace on the physique, although very often they’re on the penis.

If you assume you’ve got bought molluscum, go to a GUM clinic – the place they see this situation steadily, and are used to diagnosing it accurately. Often, the physician will advise you that no remedy is required, as a result of the spots will get higher of their very own accord in just a few months. But whilst you have them, you undoubtedly should not have intercourse – and even go to mattress bare ­– with anybody.

Less frequent spots

There are some extra severe causes of spots on the penis. Fortunately, they don’t seem to be quite common in the UK.

Syphilis: Syphilis is a really severe STD. The incidence has elevated in 2015-16, and there are actually over 5,000 instances a yr. The majority of those are in homosexual males. After an incubation interval of 9 to 90 days, syphilis declares its arrival when a painless lump (about the measurement of a 5p piece) seems on the penis – or at some other web site of sexual contact. Depending on your pores and skin color, the lump can be uninteresting purple or brown or black. It quickly breaks down right into a uncooked place (an ulcer), which can be painless.

What helps to make this illness so harmful is that the ulcer quickly goes away – and you could effectively assume you’re cured. You aren’t. If you might have the slightest suspicion {that a} bump or ulcer on your penis could be as a consequence of syphilis, get to a GUM clinic quickly for an examination and assessments. Happily, this an infection may be very curable – if caught early. Do not have intercourse with anybody till you’ve got been pronounced cured.

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Herpes: This notorious illness causes tiny blisters, slightly than precise spots, on the penis (and at different factors of sexual contact). It’s brought on by a virus, which is transmitted throughout intercourse (together with oral intercourse). The first symptom is often a reddish or brownish discolouration on the penis. This quickly breaks down into plenty of small blisters, crammed with straw-coloured fluid. These may be painful. They often final for a number of weeks, after which vanish. Unfortunately, that does not imply you’re cured.

If you might have the slightest suspicion that you simply might need caught herpes, get your self to a GUM clinic as quickly as potential. You can be given remedy with an anti-viral agent. You can be given you recommendation about how lengthy you need to abstain from intercourse – and what precautions you need to take once you resume.

Tropical venereal illnesses: Several tropical intercourse infections trigger just a little brownish or pinkish bump on the penis, which seems fairly like the lump brought on by syphilis (please see above).

Often the glands in your groin swell up too. So should you’ve not too long ago had intercourse in a tropical nation – or had intercourse with somebody who’s come from a tropical nation – you would be a danger. If doubtful, go to a GUM clinic for skilled analysis and assessments.

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