Any Truth to These 5 Chocolate Myths?


The good treatment for the afternoon slump, a damaged coronary heart, or simply as a snack – there’s hardly anybody who doesn’t just like the style of this candy temptation. But in some way chocolate has a nasty popularity. Supposedly it causes pimples and complications. On the opposite hand, chocolate can also be mentioned to be an aphrodisiac…so, is there any reality to these myths?

Myth #1: Chocolate causes pimples

If you eat an excessive amount of fats or sugar, your pores and skin produces extra oil, which leads to the formation of pimples. Since chocolate is so excessive in fats, it could possibly lead to pores and skin impurities.(1, 2, 3) However, this is dependent upon what sort of pores and skin you might have. If you have a tendency to have oily pores and skin, you need to take a detailed have a look at your weight loss plan.

Myth #2: Chocolate will increase your libido

Chocolate is claimed to be an aphrodisiac. Even although this perception could be very persistent, it’s truly false. Numerous research present that sexual want doesn’t improve with chocolate consumption.(4, 5) The false impression that chocolate stimulates the discharge of serotonin can also be disputed – the quantity that may be produced within the physique via eating chocolate is just too small to obtain an impact.

Myth #3: Dark chocolate is more healthy than milk chocolate

Dark chocolate is claimed to be more healthy than milk chocolate: The darker the chocolate, the extra antioxidants it has, which might have a optimistic on the physique.(6) Important: the optimistic impact of darkish chocolate is neutralized when eaten with milk.

Lots of dark chocolate

Myth #4: Chocolate is sweet on your coronary heart

In an effort to cut back the danger of cardiovascular illnesses (particularly a stroke), it’s endorsed that we eat a small piece of darkish chocolate daily. The well-liked deal with can decrease the blood stress, in accordance to the outcomes of a study published in the medical journal Heart. Flavonoids contained within the cocoa plant have a optimistic impact on blood vessel elasticity and blood stress.(7, 8)

Myth #5: Chocolate triggers complications

Many folks consider that eating chocolate may cause complications. A examine of 63 girls was carried out to examine this declare and arrived at a stunning consequence: opposite to basic opinion, chocolate doesn’t seem to set off complications.(9) However, this fantasy doesn’t appear to be utterly debunked. If you have a tendency to have migraines, sure meals like chocolate or cheese can, in truth, trigger complications.(10)


If you actually get pleasure from darkish chocolate, it could possibly have health advantages. But eat it moderately – like all different meals containing sugar and fats.



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