A Man’s Committed Suicide After Becoming Addicted To Energy Drinks


An MP is campaigning for a ban on high-caffeine power drinks after a member of her constituency dedicated suicide shortly after growing a 15-can-a-day behavior.

MP for Lewes Maria Caulfield stated relations of 25-year-old Justin Bartholomew had been ‘convinced’ the behavior was linked to his demise. Bartholomew killed himself after complaining of palpitations, nausea and fixed tiredness, and had been feeling anxious and depressed.

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A look along side an power drink can could be grizzly studying. Most have excessive portions of sugar, salt, and caffeine and, apart from a myriad of unpronounceable flavourings, there’s little else. Red Bull and Rockstar each have excessive ranges of B nutritional vitamins – it’s thought this hastens the metabolising of sugar, making a faster hit.

Up to 400mg of caffeine is the Government RDA simply and a single shot of espresso accommodates round 40mg – however that does not imply you possibly can have 10 and get away scot-free. Per 240g serving, Red Bull and Full Throttle have 72mg, Monster has 86mg and AMP has 75mg. Bartholomew’s behavior would have seen him drink the equal of round 20 double espressos a day, with practically 600g of sugar.

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The British Soft Drinks Association have stated power drinks are ‘deemed safe,’ however this doesn’t appear more likely to final. Waitrose have banned sale of high-caffeine power drinks to the under-16s and Action For Sugar — a UK charity fashioned by a gaggle of specialists involved about sugar and its influence on health — deemed these drinks ‘completely inappropriate for children.’

Jackie Doyle-Price, a Health Minister, advised parliament that “We’ve no proof such drinks trigger nervousness, however we do know that each one stimulants, whether or not it is alcohol or caffeine, do even have penalties which might have an effect on folks’s psychological health.”

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Words: Will Allen 


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