7 Best Manscaping Tips – How to Safely Shave Your Balls


5. Use further warning in your balls.

It’s no shock that taking a razor to your balls requires slightly extra TLC. Your scrotum and shaft particularly are inclined to many pores and skin folds and grooves, which might simply be nicked or reduce.

In reality, these areas have been confirmed to entice big quantities of micro organism. When you shave them, even a minor reduce or laceration could cause micro organism to get inside there, says Brian Steixner, M.D., Director of the Institute of Men’s Health at Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City. This can very simply trigger cellutitis, abscesses, and one thing known as Fournier gangrene. (You actually don’t need to look this up. Trust us.)

You’ll need to be further cautious down there. Use your non-dominant hand to pull your pores and skin taut earlier than you go to city with razors, trimmers, and scissors, Dr. Rossi says. This will easy out the realm and make a slip much less doubtless.

And to make certain you’re hitting all of your tough angles, attempt standing over a transportable mirror in a effectively-lit rest room.


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