5 Programming Mistakes Trainers Make


As a health and exercise skilled, you’re undoubtedly conscious of the multifaceted nature of exercise program design, but it may be simple to miss sure points. In reality, a well-intended program could be aligned along with your consumer’s targets, have a stable construction, embrace quite a lot of exercises and modalities, and be thoughtfully periodized, but nonetheless be lacking key traits that will absolutely steadiness this system and enhance consumer success.

Avoid these widespread errors when designing exercise applications in your shoppers. Doing so will improve this system’s worth and optimize consumer outcomes.

1. The Mistake: Having a restricted grasp of human anatomy. Having a restricted understanding of practical anatomy will handicap your exercise-programming design expertise. Let’s have a look at the gluteus maximus, for instance. This muscle has three units of fibers that collectively lengthen, abduct and externally rotate the hip. That stated, the center and decrease fibers do some extra exterior rotation than the higher set of fibers. The following desk particulars the variations in attachment websites.

Fiber Set





Posterior superior iliac backbone (PSIS)

IT Band




IT Band

External Rotation



Gluteal Tuberosity

External Rotation

A strong data of practical anatomy informs your exercise choices and means that you can goal your entire muscle group extra successfully.

“Knowledge of muscle attachments and biomechanics enables fitness instructors to break functional movements down into their isolated parts,” explains Beverly Hosford, M.A., an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and fitness entrepreneur. “This is essential to address faulty movement patterns, design individualized corrective exercises and enhance body awareness. The more knowledge a trainer has about anatomy and biomechanics the more precise he or she can be when instructing and cueing. This leads to decreased risk of injury, better results, and more business.” Hosford teaches anatomy in a novel method with a skeleton named Andy, balloons, play-doh, guided visualizations and corrective exercises.

The Fix: Regularly combine anatomy courses into your persevering with schooling efforts. Make flashcards and research in between classes. Practice. In quick, by no means cease being a scholar of the human physique.

2. The Mistake: Training shoppers the identical method you train your self. It is important to push shoppers. Asking shoppers to do two extra reps or 10 extra seconds is constructive encouragement. However, encouragement can shortly shift to unrealistic expectations if we don’t stay aware of consumer limitations in motion patterns. When writing an exercise program, put together to problem shoppers, however not essentially in the identical methods you’ll push your self or a complicated consumer.

The Fix: Train all shoppers from every consumer’s distinctive perspective. Part of constructing as much as extra superior actions helps the consumer develop confidence and self-efficacy. A lunge, for instance, could appear simple to execute, however for a consumer who lacks expertise and core strength, this will likely be perceived as a complicated transfer. To keep away from pushing a consumer too laborious too quick, incorporate a diversified mixture of actions and ensure you may show all strikes with correct kind. Once a consumer has mastered a transfer, enhance the issue.

3. The Mistake: Not training in all planes of movement. The physique is supposed to maneuver in all instructions, and joints are structured to permit for motion in particular or a number of planes. An exercise program that features all planes of movement is healthier balanced than one which solely consists of flexion and extension.

 The Fix: Evaluate your exercise applications to find out in the event that they embrace rotation, abduction, adduction, flexion and extension. If one of many planes of movement is restricted or lacking, add in additional selection to problem your consumer’s physique mechanics.

4. The Mistake: Not getting ready exercise modifications. Until you could have a consumer in a session, you gained’t know for sure which exercises she or he can execute with correct kind and which exercises could also be tougher to carry out correctly. The finest applications are armed with modifications that may both make the exercise much less intense or enhance the depth for a consumer who’s extra superior.

The Fix. Develop an exercise library with multilevel modifications that you could pull from, when mandatory. For every widespread exercise, embrace three modifications (when doable): One modification to lower the depth or problem, a second to notch up the issue from the fundamental motion, and a 3rd to supply a extra subtle problem. Employ modifications in keeping with consumer talents and fitness ranges.

5. The Mistake: Not assigning take-home exercises to shoppers. How do we all know what forms of exercises shoppers do after they aren’t training with us? To gauge a consumer’s exterior actions, we depend on self-reporting and weekly check-ins (or different types of communication). Both are efficient methods for gathering info, however some shoppers battle to stay lively with out our direct day by day affect.

The Fix. Develop take-home exercise handouts for shoppers to carry out throughout “off days.” This might embrace a morning yoga routine, before-bed stretches, a light-weight cardio circuit, desk exercises, and so on. Get inventive and maintain these exercises easy and simple to perform.

Exercise programming is difficult. It does not matter what number of years of expertise a coach has, we are able to nonetheless overlook one thing or be “too close” to this system to see a possible weak point. Avoiding these 5 missteps is a win-win for you and your shoppers. You will enrich your competency as a health and exercise skilled and your shoppers will attain their targets.

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