4 Tips to Stay Healthy This Flu Season


Cindy Dion Noyes, MD, is an infectious illness specialist on the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Influenza is a viral an infection. It that causes many signs that may vary from delicate (runny nostril, cough) to extreme (pneumonia and respiratory failure).

Did you recognize that about 30,000 folks die from influenza an infection yearly within the United States alone!

The virus develops adjustments in its genes. That’s the explanation that the vaccine adjustments yearly and why we suggest yearly influenza vaccines. Even if the influenza vaccine will not be an ideal match for the dominant circulating pressure, it may nonetheless provide safety from extra extreme sickness.

These are tips to hold you and your loved ones healthy this 12 months:

Flu season: Get vaccinated

The present influenza vaccine protects in opposition to 4 totally different strains of influenza, 2 influenza A strains and 2 influenza B strains. Both A and B strains are presently circulating in our group. It takes about two weeks for the physique’s immune system to make protecting proteins (antibodies) so get vaccinated now! And no, the influenza vaccine CANNOT provide the flu.

Cover your cough and sneeze

Influenza is unfold by droplets that carry the influenza virus. They can journey within the air and land on folks or object surfaces. If the virus is available in contact with mucous membranes (lining of nostril, mouth, eyes) or is inhaled, it may trigger an infection.

Wash your palms

Influenza can reside on surfaces for hours, which may then contaminate palms that contact our faces and get onto our mucous membranes. Wash palms with alcohol sanitizers or cleaning soap and water usually, as this could eliminate the virus if it will get in your palms.

Stay residence if you’re sick

If you could have signs of influenza like sickness (fever, cough, runny nostril, headache, poor urge for food), keep residence to give your physique an opportunity to relaxation and get well and to lower the danger of unfold to others.

Learn more about Flu Prevention and how to schedule a flu shot at the University of Vermont Medical Center. 

Cindy Dion Noyes, MD, is an infectious illness specialist on the University of Vermont Medical Center. 

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