14 Ways Men Can Improve Their Health And Physical Fitness

Learn 14 Ways Men Can Improve There Health
14 ways men can improve their health



  1. Change your diet! Eat whole real food. Fresh vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbs should make up most of your diet. Eliminate white starches, sugar, and junk food.
  2. Indulge in moderation! Go ahead and treat yourself to sweets or junk food favorites but only on occasion and in moderation.
  3. Workout with a friend or participate in a team sport! It will not feel so much like working out and the time will go by much faster!
  4. Take a 30-minute walk every day after dinner, grab the family so they can get the many benefits of walking too!
  5. Join a gym! Make a plan to work out at least every other day for 30 minutes at a time. Do some type of cardio or interval training for fat burning and heart health and lift weights to build lean muscle tone for healthier aging, and healthy weight management.
  6. Take up yoga to improve balance, and flexibility, and for weight loss, stress relief and a ton of other health benefits.
  7. Take up karate for agility, mental control, stress relief, strength training, and various other health benefits
  8. Manage your stress! Meditation, relaxation, yoga, exercise, time off work and positive thinking are all the tools you need to prevent stress from affecting your health.
  9. Do some chores! Raking leaves, vacuuming and mopping all burn calories.
  10. Drink more water for hydration, physical health, and support of internal body processes.
  11. Limit your alcohol intake to enjoy better health and a healthy weight since all alcoholic drinks, including beer are loaded with calories.
  12. Stop smoking! Lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems that inhibit physical activity, COPD, erectile dysfunction, reduced quality of life etc. etc. etc.
  13. Get good sleep as it promotes lasting energy, concentration, and the making of healthy choices in your life
  14. Get married! Yes, statistically married men live longer and enjoy better health than unmarried men

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    13 Ways Men Can Improve Their Physical Fitness And Health

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