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Shocking information has emerged after a latest survey carried out by Bupa Health Clinics  – we want to go to the pub extra typically. Well, not fairly. Let us clarify.

In the survey of 2000 males, Bupa discovered that 40% of us contemplate our health solely when there’s a particular downside, and an enormous 44% of us overlook our health worries in favour of a thriving social life.

As in all issues right here at MH Towers, we imagine in steadiness. Despite being a contemporary, healthy man, you should not really feel responsible about downing instruments and heading to the boozer on a Friday (offering, in fact, you do not overdo it). Here’s 10 reasons to swap the barbell for the bar tonight. 


1. You’ll have a more healthy coronary heart

The occasional ale has been proven to cut back stroke danger, and Czech scientists discovered that beer’s folate content material protects against cardiovascular disease. Moderate consumption means a pint a day, so put down that yard of ale.

2. You’ll be smarter

Your declining efficiency in the tail-end of a pub quiz is, admittedly, alcohol induced, however in the long run, analysis at Boston Medical University has proven that booze boosts blood movement to your mind, improving your mental function. A liquid breakfast earlier than morning conferences does not have the similar impact.

3. You’ll stand to attention

Banish brewer’s droop by grabbing a glass of pink wine. The Frenchman’s favorite is full of the antioxidant resveratrol and dilates blood vessels like a boozy Viagra. Which might clarify Francois Hollande’s shocking between-the-sheets success.

4. You’ll transfer higher

Scientists at the University of Sheffield discovered alcohol reduces joint inflammation and swelling, with the excellent dose round 10 consuming days a month. It doesn’t work in case you cram all these models into one stag weekend.

5. You’ll be stronger

In his bodybuilding prime, Arnold Schwarzenegger blended his protein shakes with rum to pace absorption. That’s dangerous science. Our trio of post-workout cocktails come straight from the lab to gasoline muscle progress, enhance vitality and soothe soreness. Bottoms up.

6. You’ll be happier

A visit to the King’s Head gives a temper enhance, and never simply in the brief time period. Scottish researchers discovered drinking with friends protects men’s mental health, in addition to strengthening the bonds between buddies. Best get your spherical in.

7. You’ll be extra inventive

Those flashes of inspiration as you stagger residence not often bear up beneath the savage gentle of day, however US researchers have discovered that quaffing two pints primes your creativity. Stop there although, otherwise you’ll find yourself pitching that “Savile Row for dogs” concept once more.

8. You’ll keep away from diabetes

A pint a day reduces your possibilities of creating type-2 diabetes, thanks to its nutritional vitamins, folic acid, iron and protein, according to Spanish scientists. Sink a San Miguel of their honour. Just go away the pork scratchings alone.

9. You’ll shield your prostate

Knock again 4 or extra glasses of pink wine per week and also you’ll halve your prostate cancer risk in contrast to abstainers. It’s thanks to that resveratrol once more, so go for Pinot Noir which packs in 5mg of the antioxidant per litre. And pairs properly with a pub roast.

10. You’ll get well faster

Sinking a sherbert post-workout will do extra than simply quench your thirst. Booze’s carbs counter the stress hormone cortisol, which floods your system after a fitness center session and hinders muscle restore. Plus, your biceps get one more exercise lifting the glass.

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